A Guide To Achieving Your Skin Goals

A Guide To Achieving Your Skin Goals

Getting your skin objectives accomplished can be a tricky balance. Perhaps you're battling blemishes, dehydration, dullness, or the effects of a changing temperature on your skin. 

Skin care regimens can be thought of as recipes, with each ingredient carefully chosen to contribute to the intended result.

Let’s look at some skin goal related to specific skin types that you might be tackling!


Skin type: Oily or acne-prone skin

Excess sebum causes the skin to appear oily, shiny, and greasy, especially in the T-Zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and that may likely lead you to have enlarged pores, and develop acne blemishes and be more prone to acne breakouts.

Skincare goal: Less breakouts

Having a breakout or a pimple is so frustrating - we just want to pop it, squeeze or scratch it, right? But this is the first thing that we should not do. It will cause inflammation in the affected skin and it can make the pimple look much worse.

However, applying ice to your pimple could help decrease inflammation, reducing the size and visibility of the spot. 
To heal the inflamed skin, we have to find an anti-inflammatory spot treatment.

The Erase Spot Treatment Stick is perfect for this - it soothes inflammation and supports the body's repair process and it directly targets pimples & breakouts - stopping them in their tracks.

Proper cleansing is an essential habit to have healthy skin. Morning cleansing helps to balance oil produced overnight night, whilst cleansing at night is essential especially if you had a long day, to remove makeup, pollutants, and dirt. 

Skincare goal: Less oiliness

People with oily skin may have difficulty finding makeup to suit their skin type, as the makeup can mix with the sebum, giving it a different consistency, and as we all know overabundance of oil can cause acne and blemishes. But don’t lose hope, you can still control that excess oil production with some simple changes and tips.

Chemistry says “like dissolves like.” So is “oil dissolves oil.” Using the right oils helps cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively while replacing dirty oils with beneficial ones. 

Regular exfoliation is advised to remove dead skin cells that can cause an increased risk of clogged pores and breakouts. We recommend our superfine Bright Skin Polishing Powder (as part of our Supercharged Pack) to repair & resurface damaged skin; scars, hyperpigmentation & sun spots which also make the skin brighter.

Another thing that can help you achieve less oily skin is by keeping yourself hydrated, having the right diet, and reducing your sugar and dairy intake, as they feed and increase oil production. On the other hand, try eating zinc-rich foods that help to regulate the oil-producing glands.

Skincare goal: Clear pores

Pores are tiny holes in the skin. It allows oil to reach the skin’s surface, which is necessary to keep your skin hydrated and support the healthy layer of defense, the acid mantle. Pores sometimes become clogged with oil and dead cells. We can manage or clear clogged pores through proper skin care and skin treatments.

Our Nourishing Plus - 4-step routine is the perfect way to upgrade your routine & keep those pores clean & clear thanks to the addition of a superfine exfoliating & polishing powder.

Skin type: Sensitive skin

Having sensitive skin is not a diagnosis, it refers to skin that is more prone to redness or inflammation. People with sensitive skin may also get rashes or irritation as a reaction to chemicals, fragrances, and dyes that come into contact with their skin.

Skincare goal: Body Fewer reactions

People with sensitive skin have to be mindful of choosing the products that they apply as this can cause irritation. You should be careful when checking the ingredients of the product that you will be using which is the best thing that our Nourishing Trio - 3 Step Routine has to offer. It has organic ingredients that will have fewer to no reactions when applied to the skin to help you restore, replenish & renew moisture-compromised skin.

In addition, our Nourishing Trio is going to help repair and support a damaged acid mantle, which is very often the cause of sensitive skin! By creating a healthy skin barrier, your skin can function as it should, without overreacting to new products.


Skincare goals: Reduced redness

There are a lot of factors that can cause our skin to turn red. This can be sunburn, acne or hot flashes, and a lot more. Our nourishing and anti-inflammatory combo helps skin to exfoliate and improve cellular turnover revealing fresher more youthful-looking skin, while healing inflammation and soothing reactive skin.


Skin type: Combination Skin

A combination skin type can be normal, dry, and sometimes have oily areas around the T-Zone (forehead, nose, and chin). People with this type of skin should know the importance of the acid mantle and to know how oil cleansing helps to balance the skin.

Skincare goal: Overall balance

To get an overall balanced skin, we recommend embracing organic oils in your skincare. Yes, oils. Our skin barrier is composed of oils and we need high-quality oils formulated correctly and utilised properly to balance the oil production of our skin. Using “oil-free” products will just cause our skin to overproduce oil in response which can cause blemishes and breakouts.

Skin type: Dry skin

Dry skin type can have a number of causes such as the environment, the weather, exposure to harsh chemicals in soaps or other products, acne products designed to dry out excess sebum production, body wash the skin excessively, unbalanced skin pH, skin requires a more intensely hydrating product, rather than higher volume, skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis, hypothyroidism, spending too much time in direct sunlight, or smoking. 

A damaged acid mantle is, in fact, one of the most common reasons for dry and sensitive skin, without us even realizing it!


Skincare goal: Hydration

First thing is to drink enough water to help hydrate your skin and use an all-natural oil cleanser which includes grapeseed oil (rich in Linoleic acid and resveratrol), and Avocado oil, (high in essential fatty acids/ oleic acid to nourish and moisturize dry skin) Look for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich properties, such as Rose Geranium extract pair it with the ultra-hydrating spray to enhance your skincare and your skin with every spritz.


Skincare goal: Fewer dry, rough patches

Dry, rough patches of skin can have many possible causes. It is recommended to check with a doctor to know what causes the patches on your skin. You may have a skin condition, or the dryness could be related to other habits or uncontrolled factors. 

Moisturizing the skin will help it keep hydrated and healthy. It smooths and softens dry skin to help prevent cracking and works to recreate your acid mantle.


Skin type: Mature

As you get older, the metabolism of your cells slows down, and your collagen production decreases. Matured skin also has an uneven skin tone or sagging. It may be dry and pale, have open pores, or have hyperpigmentation. People with matured skin may also have noticeable wrinkles due to thinner or drier skin. Start your anti-aging skincare routine to help the skin look younger. 

Skincare goal: Hydration

While you can’t reverse the aging process, you can help improve the appearance of maturity in your skin. Using a facial mist will also help to seal the fresh feeling of your skin throughout the day whenever you need it!


Skin care goal: Minimise the appearance of fine lines

Whatever it is that we do, all skin eventually starts to develop wrinkles and that’s a fact. However, we can prevent and help our skin minimise the appearance of fine lines. There are lots of natural ways to diminish the look of wrinkles rather than getting surgery. The Ageless routine is perfect for all skin types and also helps restore and rejuvenate tired, mature skin. 

Whatever your skin goals may be, there are always solutions to trial. Often a simple answer is the best, and it's usually a good idea to assess why you may be having skin problems in the first place, such as a change in location, or a change in your routine or diet.