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Why your gut health is important for achieving beautiful skin

Perhaps you've heard the term "gut health" and are unsure of what it means. After all, doesn't a healthy gut just mean one that properly digests food? This is true, but gut health also affects the rest of your body. Furthermore, mounting research indicates that a strong immune system and mental well-being depend on a balanced microbiota in the stomach.

The importance of the acid mantle: things you need to know

Your skin’s acid mantle is the thin film on the skin’s surface that helps act as a barrier against bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. It also holds in moisture and liquid, retaining the skin’s hydration levels. The acid mantle is actually made up of sebum – that waxy, oily substance that is secreted by the sebaceous gland under the skin. When the acid mantle is mixed with amino acids from sweat, this creates our skin’s happy pH level.

What you need to know about your skin barrier and why you should care

The more you learn about your skin, the more complicated caring for your skin seems! Right?  We really want to simplify skincare, once and for all. But some of our ideas and routines may seem...

Why is Kakadu Plum good for skincare?

What is Kakadu Plum

The blooming plant known as the Kakadu plum is more closely linked to the almond than the plum. The Kakadu plum, in contrast to other fruits, remains on the plant after ripening.

Why you should be using a hand treatment

If you have been ignoring your hands for the longest time when it comes to skincare, this article is for you. Why you should start using hand skincare ASAP.

Why our exfoliants and masks are in dry powder form

Exfoliating powders are activated with water and turn into a paste or foam, most have gentle, non-abrasive exfoliating capabilities thanks to organically derived ingredients like rice bran, oats, and adzuki beans, making them ideal for people with sensitive skin.

A guide to your anti-aging routine + myths about anti-aging skincare (Anti Aging Products)

Now that you know you should probably get on the anti-aging bandwagon in some way, where should you begin? Just by Googling anti-aging products, you are immediately overwhelmed with countless products promising the fountain of youth and turning back the clock. 

What You Need to Know About Oil Cleansing (Benefits Cleansing Oils)

Our skin is the most exposed part of our body. It gets exposed to a lot of elements such as dirt, heat, and more. Therefore, it is essential that we take...

A Full Guide in Starting a Organic Skin Care Routine

Our skin is the most exposed organ in our bodies and it is important to take care of it, just like how we take care of the rest of our organs.