8 Myths About Skincare You Need To Stop Believing Right Now.

8 Myths About Skincare You Need To Stop Believing Right Now.

Hopefully, you have a regular skin care routine that you follow every morning and evening—but you might also do (or skip) certain things based on advice you’ve heard over the years. 

The thing is, there are a ton of skincare myths floating around that could be dragging your beauty regimen down. (Yep: Whoever told you it was OK to skip the sunscreen on cloudy days was wrong!) It’s time to clear the air and put these myths to rest so that you can make informed decisions when it comes to caring for your skin. 

Here are eight skincare myths you need to stop believing, like, yesterday.

Myth #1 - Oils will clog pores and cause breakouts

Not true. It is excess sebum and a build-up of dirt and bacteria that will block pores and create breakouts. Fact: Not all oils are created equal. To use oil cleansing for all its benefits, it is recommended to use organic, non-GMO oils which are formulated to work for specific skin concerns, with no fillers or synthetic mixers. GoodieCo Cleansing Oils are just that, which is why so many of our customers see results in a very short period of using our oils.


Myth #2 - Breakouts will stop in your twenties/after you finish puberty

Oh, if only this were true! The fact is, In fact, acne is the eighth most common skin disease worldwide. One study found that 85 percent of females and 15 percent of males have adult acne.

Nearly all adult acne is caused by inflammation and clogged pores.

Sometimes the condition runs in families, but even when that’s the case, there are usually one or more triggers that bring on the acne, such as hormonal changes, unbalanced pH levels caused by contact irritants, emotional stress, physical stress, bacteria, or some medications.

Our Supercharged Trio is specifically designed to repair your skins pH balance and unclog pores at a deep level, helping to treat the cause of breakouts.

Myth #3 - my sensitive skin is due to genetics 

Truly sensitive skin, for example, if a professional has diagnosed you with rosacea or eczema, can be due to genetics, however, the majority of the time, sensitive skin is often caused by overuse of harsh skin care products or environmental factors, such as a sudden change in temperature or humidity. Essentially, your skins protective layer is compromised, and will cause your skin to either become too oily through excessive production of sebum or too dry, through loss of moisture to the surrounding air.

An emollient facial oil will repair damage to the skin barrier, and fill in the gaps to create a smooth and soft surface, as well as an humectant serum, as it is absorbed directly into the skin without oxidization, as well as attracts moisture from the air and drawing it into the skin.

Myth #4 - Anti-aging is not for me, yet.

Dermatologists recommend using anti-aging products as early as your twenties. Taking preventative steps by using anti-aging products at a younger age can help in the long run.

Look for anti-aging products with powerful active ingredients, such as powerful antioxidants, Vitamins C, E and A, essential fatty acids, natural retinoids, as well as natural AHAs to promote rapid cellular turnover and regeneration, collagen production and brighter, elastic skin. Our Ageless Routine combines all of these ingredients!

Myth #5 - If I drink more water, my skin will be my hydrated.

While everyone says drinking water is important for overall health and doctors across the board recommend more water and less caffeinated or sugar-packed beverages, there's a lack of research actually proving water consumption impacts skin hydration or overall appearance in people who are healthy. The issue is the actual physics behind how water flows throughout our systems; drinking water is necessary for our bodies to run optimally, and to help nutrients reach the skin through proper blood flow, but not necessarily the be-all and end-all we need for dewy skin. The truth is that when you drink water, it doesn't automatically go to the skin—it hydrates cells once absorbed into the bloodstream and filtered by the kidneys. So at the cellular level, drinking water is great as it flushes the system and hydrates our bodies overall.

The skin itself CAN actually hydrate itself, it simply needs to maintain its proper pH balance and its protective layer, the acid mantle. Once we can do this, hydration can stay locked into the epidermis. Cleansing oils, facial oils and serums will help to do just this!

Myth #6 - You should not sleep with your makeup on. 

This one is not a myth, it's true! Wearing makeup to bed will cause not only blocked pores, but it can trap environmental pollutants and free-radicals that can damage skin cells, including collagen, leading to premature skin aging. So not only does crashing out with your concealer on ultimately clog pores and lead to acne, but it can also speed up the aging process. 

Overnight, your skin goes through regeneration, triggered by deep sleep, so taking off your makeup at night is important, as it allows your pores to release sebum that rehydrates and protects your skin from free radicals in the air." If you leave makeup on, it disrupts these critical processes.

Remove your makeup with a cleansing oil like this one for healthy, protected skin.

Myth #7:  Getting that squeaky clean feeling after washing your face ensures it is clean.

Not true! Squeaky or tight skin after cleansing equals dry or dehydrated skin. This will lead to fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging. Something we all definitely want to avoid.

If the skin feels tight after washing, it is a sign that the skin has been stripped of its precious water and oil, the natural barrier components your skin needs to stay youthful and healthy, aka the acid mantle. Consequently, the skin will attempt to balance its water/oil protective structure by stimulating the oil glands to produce excess oil, which will clog the pores causing congestion and acne breakouts. Ever wonder why your skin feels dry and oily at the same time? It’s because the skin is being stripped from cleansing with harsh chemicals and drying ingredients.

We recommend cleansing with a natural oil cleanser - this will give you a deep cleanse, dissolving excess oil and dirt, while helping to maintain your skins natural protective barrier.

Myth #8: The harder/more often you scrub/exfoliate, the better.

When it comes to your skin, beauty is NOT pain. Always err on the side of gentle when treating your skin. Scrubbing too hard or too often will cause damage to your skin and cause premature aging.

Be kind to your skin, and exfoliate only two to three times per week. Just like your muscles when you work them out, your skin needs to recuperate and regenerate. Try our Bright Skin Polish Powder, which uses Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids to breakdown dead and built-up skin cells, and Kaolin clay and Organic Brown Rice Powder to gently polish, revealing fresh and smooth skin underneath.