Ingredient Highlight: KUNZEA OIL

Ingredient Highlight: KUNZEA OIL

Do you want to know one of our secret weapons, when it comes to our unique cleansing oils?⁠

Kunzea Oil.⁠

What on earth is THAT?

It is a unique kind of oil, found only in Australia, from the Kunzea plant.⁠

This oil forms the base of our Next Level Cleansing Oil, which has a unique molecular structure, that allows it to work at a cellular level to lock in deep lasting hydration. ⁠

This is how it helps to control your skin's sebum levels. ⁠

Not only that, but this powerful oil has skin-healing properties, repairing the layers of the skin as you cleanse. AND it's antibacterial - helping your pores stay clear & clean.⁠

Because of these anti-inflammatory and antibacterial functions, topical applications of Kunzea have been found to a positive effect on the skin to manage psoriasis and eczema, as well as dehydrated skin.

As an added bonus, Kunzea oil has a refreshing, clean aroma, with a hint of spice, that somehow reminds us of a day spent in the Australian bush.

Our Next Level Cleansing Oil is the first step in our Nourishing Trio, specifically formulating for dry/sensitive skin.