Ingredient Highlight: MALIC ACID

Ingredient Highlight: MALIC ACID

Malic Acid is a key ingredient in one of our newest items, POW Powder CoQ10, which is part of our brand new Ageless Routine.

The word “acid” sounds a little scary, especially when it comes to skincare, but we promise you, you’re going to love the benefits of this ingredient!


What is Malic Acid?

An alpha-hydroxy acid derived from apples, it’s one of the gentler acids out there. But don’t be fooled  - just because it has less of a potential for irritating side effects, doesn’t mean it’s ineffective.

Wonderful for helping to gently remove dead, dry skin cells that can leave your complexion dull and lacklustre, dermatologists rave about its brightening effects. 

The benefits of malic acid

Its main function is to act as a chemical exfoliant. Malic acid exfoliates dead cells on the outermost layer of the skin and promotes cell turnover, leaving skin brighter and more even, and also helping to keep pores unclogged.


Who should use malic acid?

Anyone looking to fade discolouration and/or achieve more radiant skin, as well as those who are acne-prone. It’s also a good choice for those with sensitive skin and for whom other acids may be too irritating. 

Malic acid can be used once or twice daily, depending on what other ingredients it’s combined with. We have combined malic acid with Vitamin C in our POW Powder, to boost its brightening benefits.

You can find this powerhouse as part of our brand new Ageless Routine.