What is rosacea and how can you treat it?

What is rosacea and how can you treat it?

Has your blush turned against you? Evolved into small bumps and constant redness? Maybe even visible capillaries across your face?

You may be suffering from rosacea.


Signs of rosacea include:

  • Constant redness, usually across your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead
  • Small bumps resembling acne
  • Stinging and burning of your skin
  • Patches of rough, dry skin
  • Larger pores
  • Broken blood vessels on your eyelids
  • Bumps on your eyelids

What causes rosacea?

There can be a number of factors that can cause rosacea. These include hereditary (genetic), environmental, vascular and inflammatory factors as well as reaction to the demodex mite (microscopic mite that lives on human skin, commonly called ‘eyelash mite’).

One of the most common causes we have noticed here at Goodieco amongst customers is a damaged or compromised acid mantle.

When you have a damaged or compromised acid mantle, your skin is exposed and vulnerable to external factors, such as dirt and bacteria. More importantly, in this case, it is less able to regulate the amount of water loss through the surface of the skin and cannot maintain its proper pH levels, which need to be slightly acidic for optimal function. This creates dehydrated and sensitive skin, which in turn will exacerbate the occurrence of rosacea. 

By creating a strong and intact acid mantle, your skin is able to protect itself, maintain its proper pH levels, and reduce the amount of water loss through the skin’s surface.

How to treat rosacea through proper skincare

If you do suffer from rosacea, we recommend you first take our skin type quiz here, to discover your skin type, and which of our Trios is going to be your match. Will it be the Nourishing Trio, or the Supercharged Trio?

Our Trios are made up of our signature 3-step routine.

  1. Oil Cleanser
  2. Facial Oil
  3. Serum

Normally, we suggest applying in that order. However, if you are experiencing rosacea, we recommend you change that order of application slightly.

Start with your Oil Cleanser, massaging 2-3 drops into damp skin, preferably after a warm shower or warm washcloth (this opens the pores for the best results). This will gently draw out and dissolve impurities and excess sebum from your pores, without stripping away your acid mantle or upsetting the pH balance. Gently wipe away all oil cleanser.

Step 2 should be your Serum (the humectant). Apply 1-2 drops to your palms and press all over your face and neck. This will draw moisture into your skin as it is absorbed directly into the skin without oxidization, as well as attracting moisture from the air and drawing it into the skin for a deeply hydrating and healing effect. 

Follow up with your Facial Oil (the emollient). Apply 1-2 drops to damp palms and press all over your face and neck. This is rich in plant-based lipids, free fatty acids and ceramides and will aid in replenishing moisture at a deep cellular level, soothe any redness and irritation, and provides a dose of antioxidants essential for optimal skin health. Most importantly, this will repair damage to the skin barrier, and fill in the gaps to create a smooth and soft surface. 


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