Crafted from the finest raw ingredients.

Each small batch of this 100% natural routine is meticulously crafted to the highest manufacturing standards and features a unique combination of native Australian plant extracts and single-origin oils, all of the highest grade and quality.

Restores your skin barrier and protects your micro-biome.

This trio nurtures your skin's natural, healthy defenses and works directly on the skin barrier. With no harsh cleansers, preservatives or synthetic ingredients - this mix of carefully curated oils, vitamins and nutrients will bring your skin back to the healthy, balanced state it deserves.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Rachel N. (Albuquerque, US)
Wonderful oil - no stretch marks in pregnancy

I used the Bare body oil starting at month 5 of pregnancy, applied each morning and working up to 7 pumps of oil for my growing baby bump. The oil absorbs nicely, and I avoided stretch marks completely. I am now using post partum as my belly shrinks back to its original size.

AnnLillian Vellner (Albuquerque, US)
Fantastic and will purchase it again

Your product is awesome
Thank you

Karen (Brisbane, AU)
Easy to use and effective

I had lovely olive skin in my younger days and never thought to moisturise. Now that I am in my late 30's, the effects of not looking after my skin are showing - my skin is dry and thin. The treat body oil is really easy to use after a shower and it has nourished my dry skin. I love it because as a mother of two young girls, I can slap it on quickly after a shower with no extra effort, but my skin feels great. Highly recommend.

Terry H. (Shawnee, US)

Love the light scent and the moisture that it gives my skin over all great product for me need it on a regular basis.

Crystal (Tempe, US)
Great ...but

I loved the set but my soap didnt last long for the price. I am hoping they make these things seperate for cheaper . I need more of the soap , still have plenty of the oil! Love the smell and feel!

Sarah Kons (Appleton, US)

I forgot I had this oil, honestly. I have both Bare and Treat, so I hadn't even opened this one, despite having it for weeks. Today, I noticed my legs were still covered in red dots after shaving hours before. This issue is a constant in my life, and I'm pasty as they come on top of it - hence, my willingness to buy lots of body oils. I'd been neglecting my regular oil application lately, so I had only myself to blame. When I went to apply something to soothe the redness, I remembered the new oil. I decided to try it, and it was without specific expectations because I didn't recall any info on the problems it was made to address. I mostly just liked the smell! However, I was shocked when the redness disappeared almost immediately. I actually went to the website to read what it's designed to actually do because I was so impressed with the results. The claims to reduce redness with anti-inflammatory properties, address ingrown hairs, and relieve dryness were proven in under an hour for me (although the ingrown hairs may take more regular application, but the redness around them abated right away). I did try to add a photo to show my results, but I couldn't for some reason, sorry!

The fact that I didn't know what to expect but noticed all these things before realizing the purpose of the product has me convinced. I've honestly never written a product review before, but I really hope this might help another person with similar skin struggles. I know we are all different with how our skin reacts to products, but this made such a difference for me! Be well all!

C. Chen (Singapore, SG)
Bodycare Kit | Smoothing - Complete body care set

Best body care set ever! The effect can be seen from the first usage. I had very dry skin that no high end moisturising body shower, body scrub & body lotion could help. My cellulite & stretch marks appear to be lighter too. The downsides are they are a bit pricey & need to be replenished quite soon but they are out of stock most of the time 😞.

Freedom Contreras (Noxon, US)
Love this stuff!!

I love love love this stuff!! It immediately made my skin so smooth and bright! This product is by the best I’ve ever used on my skin!

Kristina Baxter (Auckland, NZ)
Bare body oil

I have psoriasis on my arms and legs, patches of red dry skin. This oil has calmed it right down. Thinking I should try the treat oil next it might be even better. Smells lovely 😍

Geri Crawford
Bodycare Kit | Softening

I've been using my bodycare kit and absolutely love the smell. I'm squeaky clean after using the exfoliating bar and then finish with the charcoal bar. I feel like my skins is smooth and soft and super cleansed, no dead skin left behind, then top off the process with Treat Oil. I love how it gets absorbed into the skin and no greasy feel, or slick left behind.