Clarity - Bio Active Skin Drops

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A powerful mix of plant-based, active ingredients this brand new Goodie supports the skin's natural, regenerative process. It helps to tone, clarify and brighten for more visibly flawless and beautiful skin. 

Featuring highly concentrated oils & extracts this treatment is a applied as a unique, hot compress. Simply fill a basin of very warm water, scatter a few drops into the basin, soak a facecloth and then gently compress onto the skin a few times. This unique combination of steam, heat and compression helps the nutrients sink deeply into the skin whilst clarifying the skin's appearance - and it's a deeply relaxing, sensory experience.

  • Tones & tightens pores
  • Helps to smooth & perfect the skin's appearance
  • Brightens and restores life to the complexion
  • Boosts elasticity & fullness
  • A beautiful, luxurious home spa experience
  • Good for all skin types

Due to the high concentration of plant actives - do not apply directly to the face.

Clarity is a small-batch product. 100% vegan, all natural and hand blended by our founder Jacquie.


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