How to use the Ageless Routine

How to use the Ageless Routine

Can be use nightly before bed.

Step 1. Start this routine after cleansing.

Take both your POW Skin Power C +, your Dream Serum L’Orange. Take 1/3 of a spatula of your POW powder and dissolve with 1-2 drops of serum. You can mix in the palm of your hand using a fingertip. 

Pat all over your face with clean hands. Allow up to 60 seconds to absorb. 

Tip: Do not apply serum or liquid directly into the POW container - this will cause the powder to harden and become unusable.

Step 2. After your powder/serum mix has absorbed, apply 1-2 drops of Bounce to your fingertips, rub together quickly and pat gently all over your face.

Step 3.  Get your Cushion Hydro-Essences and lightly spritz 3 - 4 times all over your face and neck, holding about 30cm away from your face.

And you’re finished. 


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