Why Top-Ups?

Why Top-Ups?

The number one question we've been fielding for the last few months is, why can't we buy from the full range all the time?


We wanted to explain this in more detail, so you can get a better understanding of what we're trying to achieve here at Goodieco. 


It all comes down to demand

In early 2020 demand for Goodieco started going through the roof. It just didn't stop throughout the year and it still hasn't in 2021. Both from our wonderful, existing customers, but also from first time customers who wanted to know what all the fuss was about. 

So.... that's great right? Surely that's a good problem to have.


This is where our ingredients and our commitment to the products comes in.

As a business our guiding ethos has always been to NEVER compromise on the quality of the product. When it comes to skincare this is all about the ingredients we use.

We take our raw materials exceptionally seriously and have strict criteria around what we use and who we buy from. This means sourcing heavily from local growers or smaller producers - where there is transparency around the provenance of the raw materials. It is our fundamental belief that the quality of skincare is dictated by the quality of what goes into it.

Now, as demand for Goodieco continues to grow, we have to balance the growth of the business vs the availability of suitable ingredients.

Yes, life would be MUCH easier if we swapped over to more readily accessible commercial grade ingredients. This is what most larger brands will do. But this would impact the integrity of the products,  which we're not willing to do.

Here's an example - one of our key ingredients used in multiple products is Fragonia oil. This is a stunning ingredient, however there is ONE grower in Western Australia that is the exclusive producer of this oil. They harvest annually - assuming no surprises from the likes of bushfires or pandemics. Meaning we have ingredients that we have to ration for a full 12 months if we want to keep offering that ingredient or product. When we're out, it's a long wait till the next harvest.


Agonis Fragrans from Western Australia


That's why we can't sustain full access to the range at all times.

If we didn't put measures in place to ration stock, we'd face the very likely prospect of powering through 12 months worth of stock for key items in literally less than a month. 

So our strategy has been to channel new customer interest into complete sets (which offers them the best possible experience) - and then roll out ongoing initiatives to ensure returning customers are able to maintain a consistent supply of their skincare throughout the year. We're trying to stop new customers cherry picking single items, burning through stock and impacting our loyal customer's ability to repurchase specific items they may need.

Ultimately it's about putting measures in place so things are fair for everyone.


Our solution?


Top-ups are intended to be a bi-monthly opportunity for existing customers to maintain a stable supply of their favourite items throughout the year. We can allocate stock annually by doing this, ensuring some degree of consistency. We also work hard to make our Top-Ups a super exciting event, and will regularly bring out limited releases and special offers to reward our loyal customer base.

Our next Top-Up is coming Friday 18th June. Sign up for early access and get first in the queue to access the event.



We've now also launched subscriptions for our most popular single items (cleansing oils & serums). Again, by making this a subscription we can see what's coming plus it's more focused on our loyal customer's convenience so we can continue to ration out stock accordingly. We will be slowly including more subscription products based on our supply lines and demand for the year.

You can view current subscriptions here.



So, in summary.

    Yes, this does cost us as a business - as we're effectively turning away new customers every day who might just want to try a single product before investing in a full routine. BUT, it means staying true to our guiding ethos. We're ensuring the highest quality and integrity of our products - which is who we are.

    With love from the founders.

    Mark & Jacquie