Top Tips for Skincare Post Workout

Top Tips for Skincare Post Workout

You know that fresh, rosy glow you get after you hit the gym, go for a jog, or a brisk walk?

Isn’t it wonderful? Your blood is rushing around your body, bringing oxygen to all your cells, flushing your skin, releasing endorphins and generally making you feel amazing.

Working up a sweat actually does wonders for your skin, but with the sweat, comes some consequences if you’re not mindful. Sweat flushes out your pores, which can bring on congestion and breakouts, and possibly become a breeding ground for bacteria and irritation.

To avoid those nasty breakouts,  just follow these easy steps.

Exercise makeup free 

While wearing makeup to the gym can be a short term confidence boost, the damage you’re doing to your skin is long term.

When you work out, the oils from the cosmetics you layer on your skin, mix with your sweat to create a pore clogging concoction - the perfect recipe for a breakout!

Sweat it out and let your inner beauty shine.

Wash your face immediately after a workout

Makeup or not, say it with us ‘Always wash your face post workout’

A gentle oil cleanser is ideal to wash away bacteria, sweat and debris that has accumulated during your workout, without stripping away the natural moisture. It also helps to prevent the breaking of blood vessels and regain a normal temperature.

Try our Supercharged Trio for oily & breakout prone skin


Don’t exfoliate after a workout

Emphasis on gently cleansing your face - Avoid exfoliation post workout at ALL costs!

Your skin is extra sensitive after a workout and using any type of exfoliant is going to irritate and/or tear the skin barrier aka the acid mantle.

So not only will your skin be breakout prone, but the tears in the skin barrier can also develop into breakouts that take longer to heal!


Only use makeup wipes in an emergency

Think makeup wipes are convenient and effective? Think again!

They’re loaded with preservatives and other nasty ingredients that dry out your skin and even inflame it.

Nothing compares to a good ol’ gentle face cleanser BUT in the event of a rescheduled meeting or your PT showed up late, you can use makeup wipes as an absolute last resort.

But beware - you have been warned!

Keep hair off your face

While we’re here for getting those luscious locks out for your pre and post workout selfies, during your workout aim to keep your hair off your face.

Oils from your hair and residue from any products you’ve used can clog your pores and - you guessed it - cause breakouts.

If you can help it, avoid headbands too, while they can prevent sweat from dripping into your eye area it can also trap acne inciting sweat on your forehead.

Try hair clips and bobby pins instead!

Avoid touching your face

Even during COVID times, gyms are full of germs!

Do. not. touch. your. face.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before getting stuck into your post workout skincare routine and for those of you who are prone to facial itches mid workout, try using your forearm or a clean gym towel to scratch instead of your hands.

We love a good sweat-up as much as the next person, but keep these simple tips in mind, and your skin will love you for it.