How to eliminate under-eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles

How to eliminate under-eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles

 After the last few years, you would be forgiven if you have been lacking sleep and putting your self-care on the sidelines.

But this kind of stress can take its toll. One look in the mirror and your eyes tell the story of piled up stress, sleepless nights and general wear and tear!


8 tips to reduce puffy eyes, dark circles and fine lines

Say no more. Let’s look at our top tips for banishing those dark under-eye circles, bags and fine lines accumulating around your eyes (laughter lines, for sure). 

  1. Apply tea bags

Tea isn’t just for sipping. You can use caffeinated tea bags under your eyes to help with dark circles and bags.

The caffeine in the tea contains powerful antioxidants and may increase blood flow to your skin. It’s also said to protect against UV rays and potentially slow the aging process.

Green tea, in particular, has been touted by researchers for its potential anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Steep two tea bags for 3 to 5 minutes.

  • Let the tea bags chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

  • Then, squeeze out the extra liquid and apply to your under-eye area.

  • Leave the tea bags on for 15 to 30 minutes.

  1. Use a cold compress

Relief from dark circles may be as simple as using a cold compress you make using materials you already own. Applying cold to the area can help the blood vessels constrict quickly for some temporary relief.

Although you can purchase a cold compress at the store, do-it-yourself methods can work just as well.

Some DIY options include a:

  • chilled teaspoon

  • cool cucumber

  • wet washcloth

  • bag of frozen veggies

Before applying, wrap your compress with a soft cloth to protect your skin from getting too frosty. You only need to apply the compress for a few minutes to see results.


  1. Cut back on salty foods

Eating too many salty foods may be at the root of your under-eye bags. Salt contributes to your body’s fluid retention and can make you puffy overall. It may also lead to other health issues, like heart disease and stroke.

The Heart Foundation recommends as a daily maximum amount 5g of salt (2000mg sodium) or less of salt each day. Ideally, adults should consume no more than 1,500 mg of salt each day.

As a guide, here’s how many milligrams are in different teaspoon (tsp) measurements of salt:

  • 1/4 tsp = 575 mg sodium

  • 1/2 tsp= 1,150 mg sodium

  • 3/4 tsp = 1,725 mg sodium

  • 1 tsp = 2,300 mg sodium

Read packages carefully to see how much salt is in your favorite snacks. One way to immediately lower the salt in your diet is to avoid eating packaged, processed foods. Instead, try eating a diet based more on whole foods — fresh fruits and veggies — where you can control the salt content.


  1. Use a potent undereye treatment oil

The area of skin under your eye is the thinnest skin of your face, and therefore any formula applied here is absorbed very effectively.

This is why we have created our specific Eye Serum to target sagging skin, fine lines and dark circles that this area is so susceptible to.

This advanced concentrate restores brightness and plumps the skin in a few quick rolls and works overnight to dramatically improve the skin's appearance under the eyes.

It uses a rich blend of organic oils rich in essential plant-based lipids, free fatty acids and ceramides to nourish, soften and plump the dry, thin skin in this area. 

These combine with a mix of high-potency plant-based extracts – rich in antioxidants and vital phytonutrients, including Calendula, Camelia, Green-tea and Chamomile. 

Lastly, the formula is enriched with Kakadu Plum, nature’s single richest source of Vitamin C. This is skin-stable Vitamin C – meaning, unlike in many synthetic Vitamin C serums, this vital antioxidant is absorbed directly into the skin without oxidization. 



  1. Add a natural retinol alternative to your routine

How does a natural retinol alternative help with eye bags? When applied to the skin, this ingredient can improve collagen deficiency. 

Why opt for a natural retinol alternative, instead of a retinol? As we said, the area under your eye is very thin and sensitive, and retinol is known to have side effects such as irritation, redness and flakiness. A natural retinol alternative, like our Bounce Bakuchiol Serum, has all the benefits of a retinol, such as improved collagen production, increased cell turnover and reduction of fine lines, but without the nasty side effects. Mix a single drop into your daily serum or moisturiser to apply.


  1. Remove unwanted makeup

Sometimes makeup gets stuck in the corners of our eyes, causing puffiness. That’s why it’s important to “gently exfoliate the eyelids after removing your makeup—every night! Very lightly sweep a soft, moist washcloth over the surfaces of your eyelids and through the roots of your lashes. This will lightly remove loose surface cells and prevent buildup on your lash line.

  1. Stay elevated while you sleep

Try elevating your head with extra pillows while you sleep. Using two or more pillows should do the trick. You may even consider purchasing a special wedge pillow. How does this work? Elevating your head helps to prevent the pooling of fluid in your lower eyelids that creates puffiness while you sleep.


  1. If you can, get at least eight hours of sleep

Now that the silly season has passed, aim to get your sleep schedule back on track. Although limited sleep may not actually cause under-eye circles, getting little sleep may make your complexion paler. Any shadows or dark circles you have may be more obvious as a result.

Most adults should aim to get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night.

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