Skincare tips for menopausal skin

Skincare tips for menopausal skin

Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humour. Just when we peak in confidence, she sends us thinning hair, brown spots and extra pounds. Not to mention unstable hormones, reduced estrogen and MIA collagen. But let’s flip this around and start by thinking of menopause as an opportunity to find a new and better way to look rather than trying to hang on to the old plan. 

1. Use a collagen-boosting night treatment

Estrogen and its sidekick collagen used to be our BFFs. Unfortunately, as estrogen and collagen levels drop with menopause, so does the bouncy juicy look of our eyes, neck and face. Here’s why. Collagen along with elastin make up the “scaffolding” that supports our skin. A reduction of production causes the skin to collapse and sag. 

So now what? Choose a night treatment (because evening is when our skin does its best repair work) with collagen-boosting ingredients like Coenzyme10, retinol and/or its plant alternative bakuchiol. Of course, support ingredients like AHAs, Vitamin C, niacinamide and antioxidants will be in the mix, too, for hydration, brightness and soothing, but it’s that simple. Try our Overnight Ageless Routine which contains all of these ingredients, and give yourself three months of consistent use to see real results.


2. Make over your makeup

A little makeup tweak can improve sticky menopause-related beauty issues like sparse brows, gum recession and veiny hands in minutes. Try a tinted brow gel to fill in, plump and groom wiry multitone brows and lift your peepers. Try a deeper “neutral” lipstick - going a shade or two richer than your gums and lips makes receding gums less noticeable (like estrogen, we lose gum tissue!). Last, trade your pale neutral polish for a brighter, trendier shade to draw attention away from veiny, spotted hands.


3. Prepare for hot flashes

During a hot flash, you can feel your body temperature rise like a rocket. This can happen day or night, and for some women continues for years after menopause. While spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine are said to be triggers that exacerbate things, who can resist a pepperoni pizza, pumpkin latte or margarita now and then? Keep a facial mist like Cushion Hydro Essence chilling in the fridge, bedside and on your desk, which also has the added bonus of being packed full of Vitamin C and essential fatty acids.

4. Stay on top of sun protection

This is no joke. Thinner menopausal skin (including your dry neck and hands) is vulnerable and prone to increased skin woes from age spots to skin cancer. You know the drill - you need to apply this even on those grey, overcast days. UVA aging rays (the ones that break down collagen) will find you even through car windows, working from home in front of a window and at outdoor dining tables with heaters. Apply a hydrating, nongreasy sunscreen for spontaneous outdoor activities. Remember to include all exposed areas — including your chest — if wearing a V-neck.


5. Oil up!

Matte oil-free everything? Not anymore. You don’t need glitter, diamonds and sequins for extra radiance. Cleansing oils and hydrating facial oils that are rich in Vitamin C, essential fatty acids and antioxidants are another story. Not only does a glowy finish look healthier, but you’ll also be nourishing dull, dry skin as well.

6. Treat your body to luxury

Menopause is a head-to-toe deal. Lightweight body lotions and gels with their higher water content were fine yesterday, but not for our drier, itchier and more sensitive skin. A richer, more luxurious solution is what your body needs. 

Our Soften Bodycare combines botanical oils and skin-soothing ingredients to leave your skin healthy, soft and super hydrated.

A routine like this will take a minute in the shower and a minute out of it, working to seal the skin’s barrier layer, all the better to avoid moisture loss. As estrogen decreases during and after menopause, the skin all over your body may feel easily irritated and more responsive to changes in temperature.