The all-natural alternative to retinol: why our customers are loving our new Silk Pressed Bakuchiol Serum.

The all-natural alternative to retinol: why our customers are loving our new Silk Pressed Bakuchiol Serum.

“This product is a game-changer. I already had the bounce serum from the ageless line, but this took my skincare routine to a new level. I love how it just melts into my skin and adds that added moisture I need, and a little goes a long way so you get plenty of bang for your buck. One of my favorite goodieco products!”
- Crystal F.


Best Natural Retinol ever!

“A wonderful complement to any GoodieCo routine! This is so concentrated & lasts long. A tiny amount does so much to seal in moisture & fight aging without any redness or irritation.”
- Ruth


Erases years

“I’ve been using Goodieco products since October and have gotten many compliments on my skin. However since I started using silk I’ve been told numerous times that I’m aging in reverse. This stuff is truly a miracle worker.” - Tiffany


So what is this miraculous Silk Balm?

It is the answer to reset dry, thirsty and aging skin.

Our luxe concentrated balm is made to melt onto your skin, gliding on smoothly and sealing humectants (Dream Serums/ Treatment Oils - Bright and Layer Once) to ensure your skin is kept soft, smooth and protected against transepidermal water loss. Which in turn keeps skin feeling youthful and fresh.

The formula is mostly made up of natural Retinol alternative, Bakuchiol, and Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is proven to brighten and smooth the skin, plus increase cell turnover to help battle fine lines and pigmentation. We have added Shea Butter and Beeswax to help seal in the moisture.

Other benefits include:

  • Can be used as an overnight mask

  • 100% Natural

  • Handmade in Australia from quality ingredients


Bakuchiol is the hero of this formula

Bakuchiol is the new buzzword in the skincare community and has been hailed as the natural replacement for retinol.

Now, why should you be replacing retinol?

There’s a lot to love about retinol, which has soared to cult skincare status in the last few years; namely its skin-smoothing, brightening, collagen-stimulating prowess and its ability to treat acne.

Coveted as the “be-all, end-all” in anti-ageing, the vitamin A-derivative is proven to speed up our skin cells’ turnover. In turn? Fine lines are reduced, pigmentation blitzed and blackheads and whiteheads both minimised. In their place, expect plumpness, radiance and a more even skin tone and texture.

But like all good things, it comes with its side effects. Mainly, redness, flaking, irritation, and inflammation, especially in sensitive skin types.

So what if there were a kinder alternative to retinol? An ingredient that can do all this and more, packing just as powerful a punch, but without the pesky side effects? 


Introducing bakuchiol

It has long been loved for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties – the same characteristics that have led scientists to take a closer look at it in recent years.

While it doesn’t have the same make-up as retinol (it doesn’t come from vitamin A) studies have revealed bakuchiol’s effect on the skin is remarkably similar - it has been shown to act on the same genes in the skin to stimulate collagen production and increase cell turnover, therefore diminishing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and overall photodamage, as well as helping to treat acne.

But the important part is - studies have also indicated bakuchiol has less to none of the side effects seen from the use of retinol, such as redness, irritation, flaky skin or increased sensitivity to the sun.

Throw in the fact that bakuchiol is vegan friendly, and we have a winner, in our books!

As always, our products are hand-blended and poured – made weekly and sold in small batches to ensure the integrity of the all-natural products. Glass containers to ensure no plastic leaching or micro-plastics exposure.

Made in Australia. SLS Free. No Palm Oil or Palm Oil Derivates. No Parabens. Non-Toxic. Cruelty-free.

You can shop the amazing effects of Bakuchiol in our Ageless Overnight Routine right here.