Kaolin Clay: Benefits In Your Skincare

Kaolin Clay: Benefits In Your Skincare

What is Kaolin Clay and why do we use it in our Bright Skin Face Polish?

We’re glad you asked!

Do you suffer from clogged pores? A combination of oily and dry patches on your skin? Or is your skin just too darn sensitive? What about those annoying breakouts?

An all natural kaolin clay face mask could be the answer!

Kaolin Clay is a clay mineral containing the minerals copper, magnesium and zinc, also made up of tiny crystals, including silica, quartz and feldspar - it’s as au naturel as you can get!

Not to be confused with Rose Quartz, Kaolin Clay won’t provide any emotional healing, but it is going to work wonders for your skin.

Here’s how:

Suitable for sensitive skin

Kaolin Clay’s pH is close to that of human skin, meaning it won’t irritate sensitive/dry skin or upset preexisting skin conditions. Plus, unlike other clays, it won’t dry out your skin.

So you can buff away with our Face Polish Powder absolutely worry free.


Helps fight off acne

Kaolin Clay absorbs excess oil and dirt from the skin, unclogging pores and preventing blackheads and breakouts. The properties of Kaolin Clay polish the dermis without damaging the skin and extracts oils that cause breakouts, leaving behind buttery soft and glowing skin.


Tones your skin

Regular use of a kaolin clay face mask will stimulate your skin cells, brightening and toning your skin. 

Natural ingredients work wonders for your skin because they’re free of hidden nasties

Find it in our Bright Skin Face Polish Powder