The difference between hormonal and stress-related acne and how to treat them

The difference between hormonal and stress-related acne and how to treat them

Acne has a mind of its own, often appearing unannounced when it’s least welcome (like right before date night) and overcompensating with your best skincare products is wasteful if you’re up against hormonal or stress-related acne.

Here’s how to decipher what your skin is telling you.


Stress acne vs hormonal acne

There is an fine line that separates hormonal and stress-related acne.

Stress-related acne is typically caused by your stress hormones triggering your oil glands to overproduce oil, whereas hormonal acne is typically caused by an increase in male-based hormones (like testosterone) which stimulates your oil glands and clog the follicular opening.

Although, determining the cause can become even more difficult when you take into account factors such as the female menstruation cycle, hormone medication & events that can onset stress.

How to tell the difference

We’ve got two words for you: Location and lifestyle

Stress-related acne is internal inflammation and tends to appear in the T-zone as cystic acne. 

While hormonal acne tends to flock to the lower third of your face (around your lips, on your chin and jaw) as this is where we have the highest concentration of oil glands. 

While a well balanced diet and an active social life aren’t acne-inducing red flags, lifestyle factors such as a poor work environment, stressful relationships and lack of sleep ARE.

Recognise what your stress triggers are (i.e not enough sleep and poor eating habits) and then work backward to adjust accordingly. 

It’s also good to note that if your lifestyle is healthy and thriving, there’s a 99% chance your acne is hormonal.


How to treat them

First and foremost DO NOT PICK OR POP - satisfy your cravings elsewhere, could we suggest a Dr. Pimple Popper video?

Before you even consider changing up your skincare routine, go straight for the root of the problem - are you stressed or hormonal?

For stress-induced acne, consider the areas in your life that are causing you stress and make changes where possible - if immediate change is not an option consider seeking a therapist, eliminating the issue (is it an unhealthy relationship or a toxic workplace?) or introducing positive practises into your lifestyle (we hear yoga is amazing for, well, everything!)

For hormonal acne, consider booking an appointment with your GP to discuss oral and/or topical medications and rethink your diet -  everything can be enjoyed in moderation.

Above all, a good skincare routine is your secret super power against hormonal and stress-induced acne - Like our Supercharged Trio full of 100% natural ingredients that stops your skin from overproducing it’s natural oils 

You’ll be on your way to clearer, smoother, glowing skin in no time!