Do natural skincare ingredients actually work?

Do natural skincare ingredients actually work?

Natural skincare products are not a new craze, by any means. Everywhere you look these days, brands are claimed 100% natural, organic, pure ingredients.

But do these naturally derived elements actually work for your skin?

Let’s get a bit sciencey.

The science of natural ingredients

To put it simply, when you are looking at the effectiveness of a product (which is the whole point, really), natural and non-natural skincare can be the same on a molecular level. Your body can’t decipher what is a ‘natural’ product – instead, it all comes down to molecules.

The molecular structure of skincare products is what makes them effective. Your body absorbs and uses different molecules in different ways. In this way, a natural product will be just as effective as a synthetic product.

So if your skin is absorbing these molecules, it makes sense to ensure that whatever you are putting onto your skin, it is as natural as can be.

Other considerations when choosing natural skincare

When you think about it this way, it can come down to the ethical and health reasons behind choosing natural, organic products over synthetic products. 

You should consider using cruelty-free products (we have never tested anything on animals and never will!)

Another consideration for natural ingredients is their organic production. By ensuring that your skincare is organic, you can be sure that you are not adding any unnecessary chemicals to your skin and body.

Zero toxins in your skincare is another huge bonus when choosing purely natural skincare.

Many of the ingredients commonly used in skincare products are man-made, such as parabens, which are artificial preservatives which are used to extend the shelf life of skincare products, cosmetics and shampoos. Research shows that parabens can mimic the hormone oestrogen in the body. Too much oestrogen can increase the risk of breast cancer and also affect reproductive functions.

Tip: Choose non-toxic, recyclable packaging when going for all-natural skincare.

Glass containers are safe because they are recyclable and present no danger of leaching toxins into the product.

Want more information on just how natural GoodieCo is?

All our products are 100% natural. No toxins, chemicals, parabens, no palm oils or palm derived ingredients. No preservatives.

We are careful to ensure that we only use the very highest grade of ingredients available. We choose organic & wildcrafted, we source directly from smallholders & local farms to deliver the purest, most nourishing raw materials possible for our skincare.

Our plant oils are first pressed, cold-pressed, organic and sourced fresh from local farmers.

Our infusions are made using raw, wildcrafted materials such as Kakadu Plum and Wild Fennel Seed.

When using plant extracts - we avoid chemical solvents (the most common extraction methodology - EVEN for natural products).

Our raw plant powders are dried and ground from organic sources. 


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