Can you actually detox your skin?

Can you actually detox your skin?

Detoxing has become an overused term. But, just like clean beauty and the growing wellness movement, “skin detoxing” is seen as a bonafide trend.

But is it really something you can do?

Let’s set the record straight about these skin detoxes.

What does “detox” mean, in terms of your skin?

To detox, in simple terms, means to remove toxins from the body. These can come from the environment, from your diet, and from lifestyle choices such as smoking.

Because the skin is the largest organ in the body and can therefore pick up dirt and bacteria, you could say it is possible to “purge” the skin and remove all the “bad” stuff that’s clogging pores. Sadly, not quite true.

From a medical point of view, there’s no such thing as skin detoxing. What you can do though is protect it from potential environmental toxins, such as pollution and UV rays.

All of these things — along with a poor diet and excessive cleansing and exfoliation — can deplete the skin’s outermost layer, the acid mantle. You may have already heard us mention this quite a bit already. It’s health and healing is one of the key factors behind all of our formulas

Essentially, the acid mantle helps keep your skin healthy by blocking substances that can cause premature aging, along with keeping in hydration, preventing acne and more.

Because of this, it’s more about what you can do to the surface to protect your skin from the outside environment more so than clearing out what’s on the inside. 

Why? Because toxins can’t exit the body via the skin.

What about products claiming to “detoxify” your skin?

As we just said, toxins cannot exit the body via the skin. Cleansers can help clear blocked pores, exfoliants will help lift dead skin cells and excess sebum, but no product will actually pull out toxins from deep in your epidermis.

That is actually what your organs are for - namely your liver and kidneys.

What about sweating it out or going on a juicing diet to detox your skin?

Sweat is made up almost entirely of water, so no, it is not going to help carry away toxins from your body. So no need to sit in the sauna for hours on end, or sweating it out on the treadmill just for this purpose.

The same goes for any “detox” diet. Most studies have found no convincing evidence to support claims of detox diets’ toxin removal.

Some people admit to feeling better after juicing or undertaking another kind of “cleansing” diet. But elements of some of these diets are generally guaranteed to improve health anyway, such as eating nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and regular exercise.

If detoxing your skin isn’t a thing, what should you do?

The key to healthy skin comes down to a healthy lifestyle and a consistent skincare routine suited to your skin type. One that is going to keep your acid mantle healthy and functioning!

We recommend these key steps to create the skin you deserve.

  1. Cleansing
  2. Hydration
  3. Serum
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Exfoliation 1-2 times weekly

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