7 habits of people with great skin

7 habits of people with great skin

A clear, glowing face isn't a pipe dream. In fact, sometimes all it takes is a little diligence—and finding the routine that works for you. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best habits you can stick to to keep your skin not only looking great, but feeling great from the inside out! 

#1. Remove your makeup every day

Leaving makeup on your face overnight is the best way to have clogged pores and acne. And no, makeup wipes are not the easy answer here! Not only are they no good for the environment, but they also do not remove all of your makeup.

Opt for an oil cleanser with a soft damp cloth to really effectively remove your makeup within one minute.

Also, one of the reasons an oil cleanser is great for removing makeup, is that most makeup is oil-based. Oil mixes with oil to whisk the makeup away!

#2. Keep your skin hydrated

This one is super important and it doesn’t actually matter what kind of skin type you have - they all need hydration. Yes, even oily skin.

Due to so many environmental factors like pollution, air quality, the sun's rays, & more, we can have a serious breakdown of the acid mantle. Using a hydrator - like our Cushion Spray Serum - is the best way to restore this barrier. 

The more moisturized our skin is, the better our skin will look when we're 85. On top of it all, most of us these days don't drink enough water so our skin is even more dehydrated.

#3. Always wear SPF

Did you know that sun damage is one of the leading causes of skin damage? Sun damage can appear in many ways on your skin. It causes premature wrinkles, sunspots, and much more. The most frustrating thing is that this is preventable! 

Sunscreen is one of the most important things you can use in your skincare routine. It should be the last product you put on and it should be applied to all areas of the skin that the sun will see!

#4. Clean pillowcases

Changing your pillowcases every few days can help avoid bacterial growth and acne. You’d be surprised (and probably disgusted) by the buildup of dead skin cells, dirt, hair products and so on that can accumulate on your pillow case. And then you press your face against this for up to eight hours a night… eww. Take a couple of minutes every few days to change your pillowcases

#5. Healthy and balanced diet

You are truly what you eat. Because eating the right food in the right way can help your skin tremendously in the long run for that special glow. You must incorporate vitamins in your diet to achieve that natural glow. Also, people with flawless skin usually try to limit their salt intake – salt leaves your skin dry, patchy, and irritated. Also, keep in mind your sugar intake – stay away from packaged foods and cookies.

#6. Start your age-care routine early

Have you ever wondered what age you should start using anti-aging products? Dermatologists agree it should be in your early 20s. This is when your skin starts to lose its collagen content and the aging process begins. 

Incorporate a powerful anti-aging routine before bedtime to reduce those pesky signs of aging.

#7. Use a skincare routine for your specific skin type

Having dry, sensitive skin and using harsh exfoliators or foaming cleansers on it will only cause more irritation and redness. Just like with anything, there is not a one size fits all answer. Everyone has different skin types and skin needs.

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