What to expect from your Goodieco Routine

What to expect from your Goodieco Routine


Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Skin that’s in a natural state of equillibrum, smooth, clear, glowing and balanced. We're excited that you're getting started with a new Goodieco routine - and can't wait for you to experience the transformative effects for yourself. 


Understanding your skincare baseline

The challenge that most of us face with our skin is that modern day skincare (that we’ve all used) is designed as a quick fix to mask the symptoms of unhealthy skin, not necessarily improve the underlying health of the skin. From soaps, scrubs and harsh cleansers that make the skin "feel" clean, whilst stripping natural oils and disrupting the skin’s delicate acid mantle. To pore-clogging moisturizing creams that use parabens or synthetic ingredients like silicon to make the skin "feel" smooth whilst suffocating the skin and actually causing dehydration (i.e the opposite of what they’re supposed to do). Ouch.

This form of symptomatic skincare that most of us have been using is so often doing more harm than good – and for the vast majority of our new customers – this is their skincare baseline.

The great news is we’ve got your back on this one. By swapping over to a Goodieco routine we’re going to be helping you clear out any and all those unnecessary lotions, potions and skin-harming products and exchanging them with simple, natural and quality skincare that is 100% focused on holistically improving your skin’s health. It’s astonishing how quickly the skin can respond when it gets the right support and many of our customers experience a visible difference in their skin within 7 days – however the real difference – healthy, clear and glowing skin is usually observed after 28 days (the average amount of time it takes for new skin to cycle).

So you know what to expect – there are a few very common stages the skin can go through as it adjusts into a new natural routine.


Immediate improvement to texture when you start using your cleansing oil

After your very first oil cleanse you should be able to immediately feel and see improved skin texture. Your skin, instead of feeling dry or tight after cleansing, should feel softer and lighter. If your skin feels any oily residue it’s an indicator that you haven’t fully removed the cleansing oil – a simple step to remedy.


Ongoing improvements to hydration levels and the effectiveness of your Face Oil and Serum

There’s a complementary effect between the skin’s natural oil and moisture levels. Skin that’s lacking in oil is also unable to hold moisture in place – meaning dehydrated, unbalanced skin doesn’t readily absorb moisturizing agents. Paradoxically, skin that’s lacking in water also doesn’t absorb oil well – so same problem. Even with oily skin this is a concern.

By combining an oil-based moisturizer (your facial oil) with a water-based serum (your Dream Serum) we’re slowly building up the skin’s natural means of absorbing and retaining moisture.

You can watch this progression in your skin. When you begin your Goodieco routine you may find your Treatment oil does not fully soak into the skin. This is a surefire sign that there’s work to be done in balancing your skin’s ability to retain moisture and oils. As you continue with the routine your skin will more and more readily absorb the products. It will start to feel more hydrated and softer.

For Oily/ Combination skin types the skin will start to feel much more balanced. Overproduction of natural oil during the day will start to slow down. By day 28 your skin’s moisture levels should be fully balanced.


The purge… or don’t give up before the glow

Swapping from a conventional cleanser to a cleansing oil may take some time for your skin to adjust. Additionally – your Goodieco routine is rich in AHA’s and regenerative extracts that help to speed up skin turnover. This means that you may go through a purging process and start to break out.

To understand purging it’s good to start with understanding how breakouts happen. A breakout forms from a clogged pore which forms something called a microcomedone. These aren’t visible on the surface of the skin. Over time they will surface as a whitehead, blackhead or pimple – generally 8-12 weeks from their initial formation.

What happens when we speed up this process is these underlying microcomedone’s are pushed to the surface faster as the skin turns over. So you may have a rush of blemishes as we draw them out of the skin.

This is a good thing – as your routine starts to work less and less microcomedone’s should form, meaning any breakouts will become less frequent and severe – but first we’ve got to clear the pre-existing ones.

Trust in the process if you’re experience purging. This generally only lasts a few weeks to fully detoxify the buildup that’s being sitting in your pores and it’s a sign that you’re experience transformative effects from your new skincare.


Balanced, Healthy Skin

Somewhere between 7 and 28 days your skin is going to work through most of its underlying issues and start to feel clearer, softer and renewed. To finish, here’s a few Goodieco customer success stories to encourage you and help you know what to expect, first-hand.

“I have been using goodieco products exclusively for the last two weeks and I am amazed! I recently got my acne under control (diet mostly) and now goodieco has taken over and is healing the old battle scars. The texture of my skin has improved so noticeably and I wake up glowing. Not oily, but glowing. And I have since not had to blot my face throughout the day. I’m so happy! I was doubtful about only four drops of oil washing off all my makeup, but somehow it certainly does and putting the steaming towel over my face is the best part of the whole routine.” – Diane K

“It has been a little over week since I began this regimen, and I am so impressed. I began breaking out a little more around the 3rd day, as I believe my skin was pushing out the impurities, but it is day 8 and my skin is so much clearer and less oily . I have always had a bit of a blotchy complexion (redness and dark spots), but this has also improved. I never would have thought facial oils would be the holy grail of skincare, and I am so glad I took a leap of faith.” – Andrea Fulton

“Okay, I stalked goodieco Facebook and Instagram for a few months before taking the plunge and ordering this. I kept hesitating from the price. I'm 34 and kept breaking out really bad around my jaw and nothing helped. Even products that used to work were failing me. On top of this I have (and have had for years) the most oily face of anyone I have ever met. Like it's bad. So adding oil to oil was scary. Within a week, my face wasn't completely clear but almost, and most of the previous breakouts were mostly healed. Two weeks later my face is still greasy but not near as bad as it was. I think it will always be oily but the amount of oil sitting on my face at any given time is so much less now. If I get a blemish now, they are tiny, not the deep big red painful ones I am used to. It's only been a few weeks but I am in love with this product so far!” – Fiona