The Eye Serum | Overnight Eye Treatment

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The Eye Serum Overnight

I've only been using Goodieco products for 2 weeks and I've already noticed a difference which in my opinion, is pretty remarkable!
You're going to LOVE Goodieco❤
In this photo, I had just woken up and thought, "Wow my skin looks awesome!" So, I snapped a pic! I'll be 61, need I say more?

Eye serum

I suffer from excema around my eyes so this product has provided more moisture and hydrates the area alot more, on the way to smooth skin.


For the first time in a long time, under my eyes are no where near as dark as they used to be.

The skin was thin, I have visible veins under my eyes and I had minimal crinkles but now the skin is more plump, and the darkness is fading, especially around the veins.

This is my favourite product!

Miracle Product!!!

This product changed my skin!!! I am 57 years old and have finally found my Holy Grail Skincare!!!!

Really great eye serum

I've been using the eye serum since December and I've been really impressed with my diminishing wrinkles around my eyes. Having it in a roller means you don't use too much an waste the product.

So nice!

Love this serum! One of the first oil based serum's I've tried that doesn't cause any irritation at all!


I purchased the face oils and love them so I wanted to try the eye serum. Having used eye creams for 20+ years I noticed mila under my eyes. Since using the Goodie Co eye serum it’s gone. Great packaing too

Actually works!

This has been the only thing I’ve tried so far that actually seems to get rid of puffy under eyes and lines! 😊 I’m not sure if it can be used in the morning but I use it at night before bed and after washing my face and can see a noticeable improvement under my eyes. Can’t wait to try more goodieco products!

Magic for Eyes

I am thrilled with how well these products work! After just a few short weeks of use, I am already seeing great results with my skin and cannot wait to see how everything feels and looks after a few months of use. They say less is more and the results are truly remarkable with so few ingredients in the products. I love natural skincare and am so happy to have found Goodieco!

Love All Goodie Products!

I had such quick and awesome results with the face trio that I splurged and got the eye serum as well. I'm 38 and have some defined crow's feet now. Before, no matter what I did that area of my skin was always dry. Happy to announce that I already notice a difference, been using it for a couple of weeks. Skin texture is MUCH smoother and the lines are less prominent. Completely, not surprised, I haven't had one bad experience with any of their products at this point. Just can't begin to explain how life-changing finding them on Instagram has been. I'm not embarrassed about my skin anymore and don't feel so dependent on foundation. Freedom! Goodieco customer for life.