Layer Once | Nourishing Facial Oil

Layer Once

Nourishing Facial Oil

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Instant, intensive moisture - this 'Queen' of oils works in an instant to give you soft, glowing skin whilst soothing inflammation & redness. 


This loaded oil is the secret to beautiful soft, hydrated skin that's bright, firm & glows from within. It's designed especially for dry, sensitive skin. Nourishing, hydrating and restoring this oil also helps reduce the appearance of redness/ Rosacea. Regular usage will make your skin feel DIVINE and the delicate scent of this oil is out of this world!

Provides deep cellular hydration

Fortifies & protects the skin

Restores radiance and firmness

Soothes redness & dry, irritated skin

Nourishing & restorative - fights fine lines + wrinkles

Anti-oxidant rich for optimum skin-health

Skin feels younger, healthier, supple, soothed & moisturised

Maintains optimum sebum levels.

And locks in moisture.

Regular use visibly softens, plumps and brings out the skins’ natural radiance. Enhanced with a powerful anti-inflammatory it helps reduce visible redness, rosacea and calms sensitive skin. Improvements to cellular integrity help reduce visible skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, dull, dry or sallow skin. Helps protect against breakouts caused by dehydration & hormonal changes.

This delicate oil with a tinge of blue uses a potent formula of plant-based lipids, free fatty acids and ceramides. Helps restore & maintain the outermost layer of the skin – protecting it from harmful bacteria, environmental pollutants and transepidermal water loss. Lightweight & Non-Comeodogenic.

Features Australian Native Blue Cypress Oil. This prized Australian oil is highly supportive of the body’s natural response to irritation and is rich in guaiazulene - a rare anti-inflammatory compound that gives Blue Cypress a unique blue-green color and makes it deeply nourishing for thirsty skin.

This oil is hand-blended & hand-poured to ensure the raw, all-natural ingredients are at their peak of potency. Glass container to ensure no plastic leaching or micro-plastics exposure.

Organic Helianthus Annus, Camelia Sinesis, Callitris Intratropica (Blue Cypress - Native Australian, Aniba Roseodora

Hand Made in Australia, Cruelty-Free, 100% Natural, No Preservatives, No Fillers, Non-Toxic.

Customer Reviews

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Layer Once | Nourishing Facial Oil


Beautiful product

Love it!

I have sensitive/combination skin, and I’m loving this cleanser, it takes all my makeup off without making my skin tight & irritated. I feel my skin is more balanced now aswell, not getting my shiny t-zone esp with it being summer!


I'm in love with this serum, its made a huge difference to the redness on my skin and really just smoothed everything out - LOVE!!


Amazing products with a great, not over powering smell. You can tell the ingredients are high quality and it actually works. Very hydrating however not greasy at all. I have very sensitive skin and usually have a difficult time changing my skin care routine- however I had no issues and it’s been almost 1 Month. My redness has reduced and my skin looks much more balanced.

Super hydrating

I am in LOVE with all of Goodieco products, but this one is by far my favorite. It's super hydrating without making it feel oily. My skin just soaks it up and feels refreshed.

Skin care that works!

If you want to actually make a difference- even out skin, reduce/eliminate blemishes, reduce lines and wrinkles and make you absolutely glow - this is for you!

Glowy skin

I have always been big on skin care and tried different things. My skin has never looked so great. I love how it hydrates and makes my skin glow without being oily. Will never use anything else

Magic formula

I absolutely adore this product. Suffering from stress induced Psoriasis my neck and scalp were very inflamed and scaley. I had left it a bit too long to renew my order, and in the two weeks I used another handy product and went without using Goodie Co Cleanser and Nourishing Oil, my skin was driving me spare - itchy, sore and ugly. I truly missed it. The relief was instant, and with a week the improvement was huge. I didn’t have skin problems when I first purchased these, and absolutely loved them then. I love them even more now!!!

Pretty good so far

I was a bit skeptical about goodie co and thought it was quite expensive for what it is however I purchased the nourishing oil as I have deep fry skin and when I used it my skin seemed to soak it straight up I’ve been using it Day and night for a about 2 weeks and I’ve noticed it nice and supple in the morning and my skin has also become clearer it actually is something I’d suggest give a go if your on the fence as it’s really nice and not oily as you might think