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Spot Treatment Stick

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A carefully blended mix of hand infused oils and acne banishing plant extracts that directly targets pimples & breakouts - stopping them in their tracks.

Our number 1 customer request! We’ve been working on this goodie for over 12 months – this powerful blend helps stop breakouts in their tracks. Just a few quick rolls over the problem area to see rapid reduction in swelling, inflammation and pimple size. 

A little goes a long, long way with this gem. 

No fillers - just highly effective, active, natural ingredients to soothe and speed up the healing of inflammed spots. It starts with two deeply anti-inflammatory ingredients – organic, wild-harvested fennel seed and organic calendula leaves. These raw botanicals are gently infused into a skin friendly oil for over 6 weeks – extracting the maximum dose of bio-actives to soothe, draw redness & inflammation out of painful breakouts and help the skin heal.

We’ve combined this with native Australian lemon tea tree essential oil. This locally sourced oil has highly anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties – it’s one of the world’s most powerful natural ingredients to combat acne.

The treatment is carefully finished with a hand-picked selection of astringent and Vitamin C rich plant extracts to reduce the severity of the breakout, prevent future flare-ups and encourage the skin's healing processes – Lemon & Mountain Yuzu (Australian Grown).


Hand-prepared – this Serum is made weekly in small batches to ensure the perfect integrity of its natural ingredients. Glass container to ensure no plastic leaching or micro-plastics exposure.

Made in Australia. Organic. Local & Wild Harvested All-Natural Ingredients. Natural Extraction Methods. Clean Beauty

Product Info

0.33 oz roller bottle
3 months + usage dependent on frequency of breakouts


Foeniculum vulgare (Wild Harvested), Calendula officinalis (Organic), Leptospermum liversidgei, Citrus × limon, Citrus junos


Customer Reviews

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This plus Blume and the nourishing trio have been a life-saver for my skin.

I like it...

I like the cool feeling of the applicator and the product smells really good. I've been using it on problem areas around my chin... where I normally get huge cystic pimples. The Eraser seems to be breaking them up multiple, smaller pimples... if that makes sense. So I suppose, so far, so good!