SKIN TYPE: Sensitive

Your skin has a tendency towards sensitivity & irritation. You may find your skin responds negatively to many skincare products and is prone to inflammation. This can include redness, bumps & breakouts, raw patches and more. This condition goes hand in hand with a damaged skin barrier which requires restoration so the skin can stabilise, more readily retain moisture and allow inflammation to settle.

Your skin is exhibiting some age-related changes including more visible fine lines & wrinkles. However, with sensitive skin we recommend focusing on stabilising the skin before incorporating too many products or actives. We suggest only focusing on the products below before considering any additional add-ons to target aging effects.

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Your complete daily routine.

The Nourishing Trio

Our number one objective with your daily routine is to calm & stabilise the skin, allowing it to revert to a healthier, more settled state. It's critical the skin is well conditioned and nourished with healthy oils that minimise further irritation to promote a functioning skin barrier and more stable skin.

The Nourishing Trio is custom formulated for sensitive skin types and is your recommended, complete daily routine. It is incredibly gentle and uses lightweight oils to condition the skin, hydrating plant-based actives and powerful anti-inflammatories to soothe the skin barrier whilst keeping your skin healthy and nourished.

Use twice daily


Target & repair barrier damage.

Cushion/ Hydro Essences

Because your skin barrier is compromised your skin is prone to dehydration and inflammation. 

Your skin needs to be hydrated for skin barrier function to be restored - which is why we recommend including this spray serum as a part of your daily routine. This mist combines powerful humectant with plant based actives designed to lock in moisture at a cellular level and support a healthy skin barrier. 

Spray between each step of The Nourishing Trio for 7-14 days, until barrier function is restored.

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