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Nourishing Trio \ Jumbo Size \ 3.5oz

$ 625.00 $ 1,065.00

Our best value 6 month supply

Nourishing Trio \ Jumbo Size \ 3.5oz

Available as a Top-Up only exclusive - introducing the Nourishing Trio jumbo set. Now you've got the ultimate skincare for dry skin - in the ultimate package. 

  • 3x 3.5oz bottles
  • Next Level Cleansing Oil, Layer Once Treatment Oil, Dream Serum Rose
  • 5-6 month supply
  • Decanted into a handy pump bottle
  • Less waste
  • And they'll look pretty darn cute in your bathroom
  • 100% Natural, Non-toxic, Cruelty-Free

    Next Level:
    Organic Vitis Vinefera* (Cold Pressed Grapeseed), Organic Persea Americana* (Cold Pressed Avocado Seed), Pelargonium graveolens (Rose Geranium), Piper Negrum (Black Pepper Fruit), Kunzea Ambigua+ (White Kunzea, Native to Australia)

    Layer Once:
    Organic Organic Helianthus Annus* (Cold Pressed Sunflower), Camelia Sinesis* (Cold Pressed Tea Seed Oil), Callitris Intratropica+ (Blue Cypress - Native Australian), Cinnamomum camphora (Ho Wood, Rosewood alternative)

    Dream Serum:
    Purified Water, Glycerin, Acacia Senegal Gum (natural ferment), Hydrolzed Rhizobian Gum (natural ferment), , Xanthan Gum (natural ferment), , Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) extract, Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract*, Glyceryl Caprylate, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Camelia Sinesis (Green Tea)*,Terminalia Ferdinandiana+ (Kakadu Plum - Native Australia), Rosa Canina (Rosehip), Styzygium Smiithii+ (Lilly Pilly)

    * Denotes Small Batch, Locally Sourced Ingredients
    + Denotes Wild-harvested, Native Australian Ingredients

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    Step 1.
    Next Level Cleansing Oil

    Your face will need to be warmed and damp straight after stepping out of the shower.

    Grab your Cleansing Oil and apply 2 - 4 drops to your damp palms, and gently work your palms together, then massage gently onto your face for about 30 seconds.

    Tip: If your fingertips don’t glide over your skin during this process, apply more water with your fingertips - there’s no need to use excess cleansing oil.

    Now take your washcloth and rinse in warm water. You want the washcloth to be wet and hot to the touch, but not uncomfortably so. Place the washcloth over your face for 10 seconds - allowing the steam to gently soak into the skin.
    Now gently wipe the oil off your face, using upward sweeping strokes.

    Tip: Don't apply too much friction and fold the washcloth a few times as you wipe to ensure you’re using a clean part of the cloth.

    Step 2.
    Layer Once Nourishing Oil

    Next, take your Nourishing Oil and apply 1 - 2 drops to damp palms and work them together briskly to warm the oil. Press your palms all over your freshly cleansed face and neck to apply the facial oil. Allow to absorb for about 30 seconds.

    Step 3.
    Dream Serum Rose

    Lastly, grab your Serum and apply 1 - 2 drops to your fingertips. Lightly press and sweep the serum all over your face and neck until evenly distributed.
    And you’re finished. Take a moment to check out yourself and your glowing skin in the mirror.

    Tip: Your Serum will act as a primer for makeup during the day, which is why we recommend using it as the final step in the morning.

    When applying your Trio in the evening before bed, you can switch the order of your Facial Oil and Serum, so that you apply the Serum second, and the Facial Oil last

    "This stuff is the holy grail of skincare! I wish I'd started this routine years ago, instead of wasting money on other products."

    Jennifer P.

    How it works

    Your Nourishing Trio is especially designed for dry, sensitive & aging skin.

    It helps to soften & brighten the skin, soothe redness, calm inflammation and bring out a healthy, natural, youthful glow.

    The power of the 3-step.

    It starts with oil cleansing - a scientifically proven method to dissolve stale sebum & dislodge impurities without stripping the skin of it's healthy oils.

    This step is accompanied with a pair of high-performance serums - one oil & one water based - to give your skin all the essential nourishment & hydration it needs to reach a state of radiant, optimum health.

    It's all about layering.

    Long-lasting hydration starts deep in dermis. The Nourishing Trio delivers a series of complementary, active ingredients designed to carry moisture deeper into the skin and retain it for longer.

    It's this layering of ingredients, processes and oils that delivers vital nutrition, antioxidants, fatty acids & hydration to bring the skin into a state of balanced, exceptional health.

    Powered by only-natural ingredients your skin will love.

    The Nourishing Trio is crafted from a carefully selected, natural blend of oils, botanical extracts and bio-actives of only the highest quality. Ingredients are first cold pressed, raw, unfiltered, unrefined, stone crushed and organic tomaintain the highest nutritional profile for the skin.

    What's in your routine?

    A trio of perfectly matched oils & serums.

    Forget about your existing cleansers, toners, creams & lotions. This is a complete skincare routine, designed for twice daily usage.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 78 reviews
    Elaine Lee
    Pure Goodie For Your Skin

    Being 43 and looking for a skin care that will help fight anti aging, I cannot recommend enough Goodie Co. nourishing oil has definitely helped my skin retain its moisture and suppleness. I have eczema on my forehead and only this oil by far that has managed to tame down the flares. It’s not cheap but their top ups are a must value buy. Highly recommended.

    Julianna Petrone

    I absolutely love my Goddieco! I use the nourishing trio and my skin is amazing! My makeup has a nice glow! At age 45 this is the only skincare that combats my dryness!

    More bang for buck

    This is a much better size considering you are to use twice as many drops comparatively to the other products. It also means I don’t run out and potentially use other inferior products in the interim undoing all my good work, waiting for you to release a convenient purchasing schedule. These products are great quality and are not cheap so need to be budgeted for accordingly.

    Im impressed

    Im 40. Ive tried many crazy expensive brands from myers/david jones... none of them have made me want to try/buy them again, im up to my 2nd order now of the nourish trio, ive finally an even daily clarity in my skin tone and no tightness or itchy red marks even the milia id get sometimes have reduced, it feels fantastic on my skin to. So glad i gave "oils" a go. Also LOVE that its an aussie product

    Best Treatment I have ever tried

    I have literally spent thousands on different skin care products and this only took 1 week to start showing AMAZING results... I threw everything else out and have already ordered more!!! I don’t care about the price! So so so worth it and the smell is to die for xoxo

    Zureida Allie
    Feeling fabulous

    I wasn’t too convinced of this product but after 1 week of use my skin is softer and brighter and I feel fabulous!!!

    The Shaeness

    Ive tried oil cleansing in the past and I’ve tried several different products even making my own little concoctions. Goodieco is hands down my fav! will 100% be recommending to fam and friends. Cheers for the awesome no fuss product that makes my rough, sensitive skin feel and look like I haven’t been smoking for 5 years and burning it to a crisp every summer. :) :)


    Nourishing Trio \ Jumbo Size \ 100ml

    Great products

    Love this range, really happy with this change to my skin care routine.

    Carrie Rendon

    Always love my Goodieco oils. Wish I could purchase larger sizes of different products when needed.