Rich Lips - Lip Treatment Balm
Rich Lips - Lip Treatment Balm
Rich Lips - Lip Treatment Balm

Rich Lips - Lip Treatment Balm

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Intensive lip treatment for soft, luscious lips

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This intensive lip treatment is enriched with Vitamin C & antioxidants to give you fuller, softer and younger lips, naturally!

This 100% natural treatment is loaded with antioxidants to help repair and restore your lips with zero nasties. Plus a unique, natural blend of stimulating ingredients to help promote a gentle, plump, full effect. Your lips are going to feel softer, smoother and more hydrated. 

With a beautiful glossy finish, this gloss can be used under or over other lip products. You'll may feel a slight tingling sensation when applied - it's the natural ingredients working their magic!

 Softens & repairs lips

 Visibly fuller, plumper lips

 Softens fine lines & wrinkles around the lip area

 Soothes irritated lips

 Works under lipstick beautifully

 Loaded with antioxidants

1x 10g Jar - Approx 4-6 weeks of daily treatments


Full Ingredients List
Ricinus Communis, Vitellaria Paradoxa, Cera Alba(Syn), Calendula officinalis, Citrus Paradisi, Piper Negrum

Skin Types: Works with all skin types

Common conditions: Dry, cracked lips, fine lines around lip area, thin lips

Makeup compatibility: Works GREAT under your lipstick

Customer Reviews

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Soft lips

I apply this daily and my lips have never been softer!

Very nice for night time cover!

I am a lip balm freak which also means I am very picky about what I use. This product doesn't disappoint, all night moisture and smooth on my lips!

Great lip product.

Really great balm! A little goes a long way. Goes into lips really quickly. I love that this balm makes my lips really soft, and they don’t get chapped as often after using this product. I am definitely going to buy this again.


I really love this lip balm treatment! I am used to working in the wind which means I often get dry/chapped lips, however after using this product I have found that my lips are softer, more durable and no more dryness!

Just wow! (Supercharged Trio (for combination skin) Rich Lips, Exfoliating Mask)

I was skeptical to use oil to combat my oil problem, haha! But I saw so many people raving on about their experience using this trio, and I have tried so many different skin care products, high end and affordable and was still not feeling satisfied with the results, so I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a go, and I am so ridiculously glad that I did! I have never really had bad skin, but I still wanted to feel like I was caring for my skin in the best way possible, and now I finally do! To say I am one satisfied customer, is the understatement of the century! This is my experience:

- my make up dissolved straight off my face when I went to remove it, I didn't need to scrub and pull at my skin to remove my make up like I normally do, just a few drops of oil and a gentle wipe with a damp towel and voila!

- I didn't have to use a lot. Less is totally more. I dampen my face with water and add a couple of drops and distribute the oils evenly across my face that way, doing each step while my skin is moist. It's going to take me forever to run out of the oils, even though I bought the starter pack! Yay! Winning!

- my skin is not weighed down and oily at all. But actually light and dewy and glowy! And the dark circles under my eyes have significantly decreased. My monthly breakouts (if you know what I mean haha), are less noticeable.

- I am feeling more and more confident to go to more places without the need to cover up with make up and instead just go out with a little swipe of mascara and some balm and I'm good to go! I'm getting such nice compliments about my skin too! Aw shucks!

- the one thing I have always struggled with is dry lips. No matter how much water I drink or balm I use. Rich lips is light but so moisturising, and goes so well under my lipsticks

- the dream serum oil balances the oils texture so it works as a perfect primer
under make up and the exfoliating mask resets my skin each week!

So much love for y'all! Game changers f...

Smells yummy!

I am a die hard chapstick user, but this balm works just as well for me, and it smells a whole lot better.

Rich lips

Lovely product, moisturises and smooths, even plumps . Would be better in a lipstick like case though

Rich lips

Lovely product, moisturises and smooths, even plumps . Would be better in a lipstick like case though

What a great product.

I didn't think something natural could plump your lips this well. I'm hooked! I use it as a treatment balm at the moment as my lips get so dry over the winter. I use it just before bed and every morning my lips are super soft and plump


These are super cute and I adore the packaging. So soft on the lips.