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Bright Skin Face Polishing Powder
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Are you ready for the softest face ever? 

This superfine polishing powder combines the power of natural and organic exfoliants to resurface your face and leave your skin feeling brand new.

Gentle enough for all skin types - you will see results instantly. Your face will feel smoother, clearer and softer after your first use and it'll only get better from there. 

The effects are enhanced when you finish off with our Bright Facial Oil
Cruelty Free, Vegan, No Sulfates, Parabens, Petroleum nor artificial colours or artificial fragrances

Why use it?

Exfoliates skin gently

Removes all dead skin cells

Removes impurities

Gentle enough for all skin types

Reveals buttery soft skin

Boosts hydration
    What are the key ingredients?

    Australian Kaolin Clay
    A mild, but hugely beneficial clay - it purifies pores and detoxifies the skin - soothes irritation, gently exfoliates and helps promote skin renewal. Improves circulation and is only found in Australia.

    Additional Active Ingredients:
    Avena Sativa, Organic Brown Rice Powder, Active Enzyme Bromelain 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews

    Seriously - I am in love with this stuff. I'm using daily and my skin has NEVER felt so soft or looked so smooth and clear. It feels really delicate on my skin and doesn't dry out my skin like what happens when I overuse exfoliating products - in face - it's the opposite. I bought this with the Bright Facial Oil and the two go together SO well. Thanks Goodieco - this one's a HUGE winner for me :) :)

    what a duo!!

    My first use gave me the smoothest skin, such a soft powder - almost like a talc but it makes my skin so soft. It is not rough like other exfoliants, I use another one and that makes my face dry afterwards. This pair is so good together. The face soaks up the bright oil like a parched lake. hahahaha seriously, my skin is glowing. Will repurchase

    Just like a spa treatment at home

    I often wondered if I will find a scrub that will brighten my skin and keep it supple and soft. I love this two, I have used it twice this week and I can't stop looking at my new skin. So good, thank you GoodieCo

    All natural face polish

    Now this was a product that I was super excited to try because I love a good scrub. But this one is so fine but soft. And it works wonders on my skin and after the first use, I got compliments all day. I love it so much. Will stock up now.

    Holy grail!!!

    This stuff has made such a huge difference in my skin tone and brightness. My skin looks so healthy after using this in my skin care routine. It is pricey but absolutely worth it!


    Some say that rice was always known to be good for the skin! I was so excited to try this because it’s so innovative. You take a little bit of the cleanser in your palms, add a little water, and use it. It’s super gentle but keeps my skin feeling great- especially when you can feel a breakout coming. Natural ingredients are so much better at look after my skin

    Great for my dry skin

    I have very dry skin and use this combo twice a week. Honestly when I first got this I was REALLY confused. It’s a powder that you have to activate with water, which I had never used before. I am amazed at how amazing it made my skin feel. It’s become an essential part of my shower cleansing routine. It’s extremely gentle while exfoliating at the same time- great for sensitive skin


    I started with a sample size and I loved it my skin was immediately softer. I ended up order the full size and a number of other products. It is gentle yet effective. I thought nothing would get rid of the bumps on nose and forehead and this product did. I can see my pores are visibly cleaner after each use

    So gentle

    The most gentle exfoliating product that I have ever tried. While it's so gentle it is also powerful! The positive affects that it has on your skin can be notice immediately. The downside is the price, but honestly... I would rather spend this kind of money on skincare instead of more countless bottles of concealer. Adding Bright oil to the end is just perfect

    Addicted to exfoliating

    Great for a gentle light exfoliation! I love to use this product if my skin is feeling a little sensitive but needs exfoliating or after a light chemical peel to smooth off any flaking skin. Not gritty or harsh at all. The best alternative to microbeads, I love the way my face feels after, no drying tight feeling.