Décolletage \ Neck & Chest Serum

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Your décolletage is worth showing off and we're here to help! This serum helps the skin around the neck and chest to firm, tone, regain and retain velvety smooth elasticity. 

Formulated especially to boost the skin around the neck and chest. Prone to the signs of aging - the skin around the neck is thinner, produces far less oil and is often neglected. Over time continual sun/wind exposure can decrease the skin's ability to repair. This serum is designed to combat these effects. 

Our signature blend features a mix of soft, luxurious restorative oils that is 100% Organic, rich in antioxidants and are designed to renew & maintain the softness and suppleness of the neck and chest area. Now, your age will remain your secret.

  • Firms & tightens skin 
  • Nourishes & repairs environmental damage
  • Plumps & fills in wrinkles & lines
  • Natural Linoleic acid breaks down blemishes & sun-damage
  • Boosts the elasticity of the skin
  •  Improves the skin's visible texture


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Gayl O'Grady
Quietly makes a difference

I love all my goodieco products. They keep getting better


I noticed skin damage to my breast bone area this Summer. I'm actually not in the sun often, but I lived in sunny Los Angeles for 15 years. I think driving with the direct sun through the window for that length of time finally caught up to me. Anyway, I've only used this a handful of times and it feels luxurious. I haven't seen super noticeable results, but I also haven't been using it long. I have some pretty deep wrinkles. But I'm excited to update you on my progress. So far Goodieco has not disappointed so I'm sure in the next few months I will have more raving things to say!


I am lucky to not have wrinkles or other issues yet in these areas, despite my ghostly white complexion, so I can’t comment on how this serum helps with those. What I am loving is how well it hydrates without making my skin greasy, because I do tend to be a little oily on my neck and chest. There aren’t many products out there targeted to the neck and décolletage specifically, but this one is great! I will definitely repurchase!

Chest and neck serum

I have lines between my breasts from sleeping on my side. They aren’t gone but they definitely seem less noticeable. I would absolutely repurchase.


OMG this stuff is amazing! I have what I call "turkey neck." It's not saggy but i have pronounced creases. I have always had creases, since I was a teen, so they are natural and not necessarily age related. BUT after 3 uses of the décolletage serum, the creases are smoother and less pronounced. I can't wait to see how much more my neck improves over the next several weeks!

marianna manderscheid

Love this product. My skin feels firmer and so smooth. Not using it long enough to know if fine lines have been reduced. It’s a great addition to my daily skin care regime.

Decollectage Neck & Chest Serum

Have been using this for a week now and have already noticed a difference. My skin feels softer but firmer. The smell is great! I love that it is oil but not greasy. Cant wait to see more results as time goes on

Kate Meltzer

Love love love this! I only wish it came in bottle form!

Bree W.
Super happy

This is my 2nd order! My husband has been commenting on how my skin has changed and he never notices anything. I now can't wait to order the whole range to try.

Sally H

I work outdoors and that means a ton of sun damage, I bought this as soon it launched and could not wait to try it. I really like how GoodieCo's products target very specific problems and not like a generic cream that does everything but actually does nothing! the pigmentation and sunspots around my neck has decreased so much that I now only use a few spots of concealer and no foundation.
I love my GoodieCo Goodies so much, you have to try them yourself to see your results