Bodycare Kit | Softening - Complete body care set

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Forget Crepe Erace!!! This rejuvinating treatment is AMAZING!!! Love all the Goodie Products!!! Changed my skin!!!

Wonderful as always

I love all goodieco products! And this oil is no exception. Smells amazing, and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth, and after 4 weeks using it I'm starting to see a difference in my skin!

Bodycare Kit | Softening

I've been using my bodycare kit and absolutely love the smell. I'm squeaky clean after using the exfoliating bar and then finish with the charcoal bar. I feel like my skins is smooth and soft and super cleansed, no dead skin left behind, then top off the process with Treat Oil. I love how it gets absorbed into the skin and no greasy feel, or slick left behind.

Love it!

I am in love with the body Care softening complete body care set! It does leave my body super soft and does not irritate or make me itch. Ever since I turned forty my body has become super sensitive to everything. I still have to use lotion but my skin is well hydrated and feels so soft.

Perfect as always


Does exactly what it says it does - softens the skin

I just purchased my 2nd body softening kit as it is truly amazing. I had a case of Keratosis pilaris on my upper arms. It has pretty much cleared up and my skin feels amazing. So impressed :)

Softest skin ever!

My skin had never been softer and I’ve always had pretty soft skin. I’ve had a bit of rough skin on the side of one of my toes for a while now, I’ve been using a file and a pumice stone trying to get rid of it, but this oil literally made it disappear after one single use. I haven’t used lotion one time anywhere on my body since I started using the Treat Oil. It’s seriously life changing 🥰💖💖💖💖

Skin never softer

I just love these products. Price is totally worth it

Game Changer - nourished, healthy skin and it’s easy!

I am a natural product girl, I love skincare and I’m always looking for the best things to use on my skin. Before I was using Shea butter soap followed by an all natural body lotion or cream. My skin felt ok but still felt a little dry, plus the moisturizer would leave it feeling too sticky or not moisturized enough depending upon which one I used. This, friends, has been a complete game changer!!! I use the exfoliating bar three times a week, the cleansing bar daily, and the body oil daily. And I use it exactly as they said. I’m not using any lotion anymore because my skin doesn’t need it. The texture of my skin has changed. Whatever the company says about the acid mantle being restored, I believe this to be 💯true! My skin feels hydrated and healthy all the time, even right out of the shower before the oil. And it stays this way! The tone of my skin has improved and honestly my skin has never felt better! I can’t imagine using anything else on my body. You must try this!!!

I am in love!

I usually have dry skin but not with this routine! It is so easy to apply the body oil in the shower and then air dry while I do my face routine and I smell amazing! It’s making me consider trying some face products next.