3 years and counting.
Thanks to you.

We started GoodieCo with a simple mission - create clean, minimal and effective skin-loving goodies - with zero compromises made around our ingredients, manufacturing processes and customer experience.

3 years in, we're happy that we've stuck to that vision and that so many of you have come along with us on this skin appreciation journey and we wanted to say thank you properly.

So we're going to celebrate our birthday this year (for the first time) and give all of our amazing customers a real treat. Here's what's in store:

- We're going to be releasing SEVEN new products. Hand-made by the team here in Australia, they'll be a limited run and will only be available during our Birthday celebration.

- We're going to be giving you lots of fun ways to build up your loyalty points and rewards before our Birthday weekend.

- We'll be making all of our best-sellers available for purchase again over the weekend.

- Plus an AMAZING competition - details will be shared with our early access list later on in the week.

We want you to celebrate with us and we'd hate you to miss out - so be sure to sign up to our special early access list - this'll get you all the Goodies first. 👇🏾