Dream Serum - The Revolutionary Priming Serum

For beautiful makeup every time

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'It's a DREAM - the perfect way to prep my skin before makeup"

We've handpicked Australia's most effective, native skincare ingredients and combined them with the latest skin firming peptides and amino acids to create a serum that brightens, smooths and plumps the surface of your skin

This revolutionary formulation forms a base for your makeup to glide on with a silky smooth finish. Giving you better coverage whilst increasing skin vitality and giving you a glowing complexion

"I've fallen in love with how flawless my foundation looks!"

Six reasons to try the Dream Serum

"My makeup looks amazing all day. Perfect base and perfect finish... I'm addicted"

"The softness is incredible and as a primer, my foundation glides on evenly and stays amazing"

Made with love. Cruelty-free.

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