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Balancing Cleanser for Oily Skin

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Oily skin? If you thought cleansing oils weren't for you then think again!

This is the perfect cleanser for oily/ combination skin - made especially to gently remove impurities whilst using citrus and pettitgrain oils to gently balance your skin's natural sebum levels leaving your skin soft, even and smooth

Why use it?
What are the key ingredients
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Wipes all traces of your makeup away and fully cleanses your skin

Nourishes the skin whilst you cleanse

Balances Sebum production minimising oily after effects

Improves overall skin tone and texture

Leaves the skin soft, toned and even after cleansing

Native Australian Essential Oil - Kunzea:
This treatment oil features Kunzea which has a unique molecular structure allowing it to work at a cellular level to lock in deep lasting hydration which is critical for oily skin types. This powerful oil also has skin-healing properties, repairing the layers of the skin as you cleanse

Additional Active Ingredients:
Cold-pressed, organic Grapeseed Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Petitgrain Essential Oil

Skin Types:
This cleansing oil is most effective for oily/ combination skin-types due to it's clarifying and balancing formula and enhanced toning effects

Makeup compatibility: Works effectively as a makeup remover for most types of makeup

The 30ml bottle should last between 30-45 days with daily usage

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First time using an oil cleanser - Great!

I have never oil cleansed before and i was super nervous using this because I get cystic acne and was worried about introducing any more oil to my face.After using this for 1 week I can't believe I was worried about this - the results have been AMAZING!! My acne has settled down like NEVER before. 5/5 totally recommend this.



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