Goodieco Shipping updates

Goodieco Shipping updates

USA - we've got you!

Here at Goodieco we're still shipping daily to our USA customers.

Because of the recent flight shut down of multiple international & domestic airlines many e-commerce stores worldwide have been experiencing shipping delays.

For our Goodieco customers who purchased between the 19th and 31st of March there has been a 2 week delay on delivery times - however please rest assured that in light of this we've adjusted our shipping providers and any further delays for Goodieco customers should remain minimal until further notice.


How are we ensuring consistent delivery?

The whole team is working round the clock to ensure we can deliver the best possible experience we can for all our customers. We are constantly optimising our shipping policies and providers in light of global events and very high levels of demand to ensure we can continue to deliver fast, safe & consistent shipping to all our USA customers. 

We've also shifted a large portion of our stock to the USA - ensuring a higher level of shipping stability and consistency. Based on our new shipping providers - below are our updated shipping rates & delivery times. We're updating these consistently so you can be confident you'll get your goodies in a timely manner!

New Shipping Options, Rates & Delivery Times:

Standard Shipping:
10 Day-14 Shipping Times (USPS first-class mail) - $10.99

Express International Shipping (Recommended):
5-7 Day Shipping Times (DHL Express) - $19.99

Free Express International Shipping:
All orders over $300 will receive FREE Express International Shipping

Shipping & Fulfilment Changes

We've arranged a direct shipping line to the USA and all standard shipping is now being forwarded via USPS first-class mail once it lands in the USA. USPS has so far experienced only minor operational impacts in the USA as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and we're confident this will allow for consistent and timely delivery. Tracking updates once USPS has received your parcel - so please allow 3-4 days for your tracking to update once the item has shipped.

Express shipping is delivered via DHL Express with only slight delays on international shipment over our standard 3 day delivery timelines. DHL Express operates its own global airline fleet and we recommend this as the best shipping option at this time to ensure minimal disruption to delivery.

Shipping rates to our customers at this time remain virtually unchanged - with a only a small rate increase on express shipments reflecting global increases in shipping costs.

Please note due to high levels of demand currently - order processing from our warehouse in Australia is taking between 24 and 72 hours before your parcel ships. Express customers are prioritised.

We're monitoring shipping conditions daily and will update you regularly to ensure our USA customers get their Goodies on time - but please be patient if conditions change. 

Stay safe lovelies!