How to use your oil serum: Bright & Layer Once

How to use your oil serum: Bright & Layer Once

Your oil serum is a critical part of your skincare routine - it's essential for long-lasting hydration and nourishment. If you haven't used an oil based serum before - it's easy to use - but there's a few important pointers you should read to get the most out of it.


The most important step is how much you apply

Oil Serums are POTENT! It's easy to get a little enthusiastic and slather your serum on like you would a moisturing cream or lotion - but with an oil serum more is not necessarily merrier. 

You need to find the right amount to apply based on how your skin responds to the serum. Generally this is 2 drops, but if your skin is extra thirsty this may be more, and, if your skin is not soaking the oil right up it may be less. 

The general rule is wait 5 minutes after applying & observe how your skin feels. If your skin still feels like the oil is sitting on the surface and hasn't absorbed then use a little less next time.


How to apply

- Application is simple. Take your required amount (i.e 2 drops) of the oil and drop into the middle of your palm 
- Rub vigorously between your palms for a few seconds
- Then lightly press your hands onto your face a few times
- This will apply a thin, even, coating of the oil serum to your face - which should be the perfect amount to soak in and work its magic


A few tips on when to apply

- If you're using the oil serum as part of your morning routine apply after cleansing and before you finish with the Dream Serum. This will help the oil to absorb into the skin more quickly and, if you're wearing makeup, give you a better finish. 
- If you're using the oil serum in the evening apply the serum after cleansing and AFTER your application of the Dream Serum. This ensures you get the maximum dose of nutrients from the Dream Serum whilst your facial oil locks everything in over the top


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