Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is all about the roses and the chocolates, right?

We’re not so sure. What gift can you give to someone that they will remember every morning and every night? Skincare! The gift of glowing skin is something everyone can appreciate, no matter what.

Or #treatyoself, because you’re amazing and you deserve it.

Our top eight gift ideas, in no particular order!


1. Trio of GoodieCo

Whatever the skin type, we have a Trio to suit. The Supercharged Trio is perfect for oily or acne-prone skin, while our Nourishing Trio is designed just for dry, sensitive or mature skin.

What is in a Trio, I hear you ask? Each set contains a complete 3-step routine for your every day, beginning with your oil cleanser, followed by your facial oil and finishing with the luxurious serum, each specifically designed for your skin type, 100% natural, organic and pure.

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2. The Eye Serum

This is the ultimate eye serum for all. The formula has proven to be so effective and raved about, that we have never made another!

We have used an all-natural blend of key, organic oils rich in essential plant-based lipids, free fatty acids and ceramides to nourish, soften and plump the dry, thin skin in this area. Not to mention Kakadu Plum, nature’s single richest source of Vitamin C, which will dramatically brighten the under-eye area.

No more dark circles or bags under eyes. What more could you want for the most romantic day of the year?

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3. Bounce

Want to give the gift of youth? This little powerhouse can slot into any skincare routine effortlessly. Made from just two ingredients, the hero of this formula is bakuchiol, the natural alternative to retinol. This means it brings all the amazing benefits - increasing collagen levels and improving skin elasticity - without the side effects of irritability or redness that retinol can induce.

Our purest, most potent oil to date, all it takes is a single drop, added to your daily serum or moisturizer to release the powerful active ingredients - creating skin that is more elastic and youthful-looking, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Psst, want the full effect? Bounce is a part of our stand-alone Ageless Routine.

4. Dream Serum L’orange

Want to really impress? You can’t go wrong with a luxurious, packs-a-punch serum. L’orange is our highest strength serum - designed specifically to restore life, hydration and brightness to tired, stressed skin. Enhanced with two power-house and highly concentrated native Australian botanical extracts – Fingerlime Caviar & Quandong, these two ingredients are loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids, Vitamin E and phenolic acids. 

Fresh, youthful, radiant skin for all those Valentine’s Day selfies you know are coming? Tick.

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5. UnMask

Treating yourself on Valentine’s Day with food and drink? Between the extra glass or two of vino, that romantic picnic, or snack fest in front of Netflix, your skin is going to be crying out for some love and attention and a good detoxification. 

Enter UnMask

Combining a blend of potent, organic, raw superfoods with Australian Kaolin and Bentonite clay, this mask draws impurities out of the skin, replacing them with a unique blend of nourishing, skin-enhancing nutrients. Apply this mask two to three times a week, and you will notice a dramatic improvement in the overall tone & texture of your skin, not to mention how it plumps and firms the sub-dermal layer to bring out a rich, healthy glow. 

It doubles as an exfoliator, gently resurfacing the skin to decrease the visibility of age spots and provide a more even complexion. 

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6. Face roller

A face roller can help to relieve puffiness and stimulate blood flow around your face. Pair this with your Dream Serum L’Orange for a truly decadent face massage. 


7. Eco face cloths

Pair your skincare routine with some eco friendly, reusable facecloths, like these ones, to make cleanser and makeup removal a breeze.

8. Silk sleeping mask

We know, not technically skincare, but if anything is going to be good for your skin, it is a good nights rest. Block out any stray light in your bedroom, with this silk, crinkle-resistant sleep mask.