The benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower in your skincare

The benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower in your skincare

You may have noticed a brilliant new addition to the Goodieco ranks… Cocoon Mask. This dry masque combines the purifying effects of Australian Bentonite and Kaolin Clay with a range of restorative, hydrating and antioxidant rich natural plant powders - Butterfly Pea Flower, Blue Spirulina, Aloe Vera and Atlantic Kelp.

Butterfly Pea Powder is a brand new ingredient we have been experimenting with, and to be honest, we are loving the results!

Butterfly Pea extract contains a high concentration of naturally occurring polyphenols and flavonoids, a potent antioxidant. Specifically, proanthocyanidin, which stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Flavonoids are antioxidants that help reduce inflammation, redness, stress and, therefore, skin ageing.

Butterfly pea flower has anti-glycation properties, a potent ally to slow down skin ageing. (Glycation is a chemical reaction mainly caused by the excess sugar we ingest and oxidative stress, pollution and UV radiation - sugar molecules attach themselves to other molecules such as Collagen and Elastin, causing loss of elasticity, uneven skin tone and ageing).

Recent studies have confirmed that lactic acid fermented Butterfly pea flower has a particularly strong free-radical scavenging and anti-inflammatory ability. It inhibits redness, itching, allergies, and irritation to the skin.

So what does all this mean for your skin? The Butterfly Pea Flower extract in Cocoon will:

  • Brighten, plump and bring life to dull skin
  • Help to reverse the effects of environmental exposure to the skin
  • Protect against skin oxidation
  • Support the skin’s natural repair process, boosting collagen levels
  • Is soothing and hydrating for dry & sensitive skin
  • Helps with age spots and damaged skin

Cocoon is part of our brand new antioxidant recovery line - a range of antioxidant enriched products designed to restore radiance to fatigued, dull and stressed skin.