The Lineup for the December Top Up

The Lineup for the December Top Up

A Top-Up Event just before Christmas? Absolutely! We know that getting through the silly season can be taxing at the best of times, let alone without your skin goodies all stocked up!

Let’s see the lineup of bestsellers for this Top-Up Event launching Saturday 11 December (we swear they just keep getting bigger and better every time).

Deluxe-sized 100ml Trios

Both our Nourishing Trio and Supercharged Trio are available now in jumbo bottles - 100ml! That’s 5 - 6 months worth of Goodieco! A few reasons we have done those, the main reason was the huge volume of requests for a bigger bottle, plus the pump bottle style is super handy, it creates even less waste and they'll look pretty darn cute in your bathroom.

Targeted rollers

Perfect for stocking stuffers, our targeted solutions in glass rollers will keep any skincare aficionado happy.

Decolletage - Did you know your chest and neck are prone to show signs of aging first? This is because the skin is thinner here, and sees a lot of exposure to sun, as we can often neglect this area when it comes to sun protection. This serum helps the skin around the neck and chest to firm, tone, regain and retain velvety smooth elasticity with the use of our signature blend of soft, luxurious restorative oils. 100% organic, rich in antioxidants and natural linoleic acid to break down blemishes & sun-damage, the Decolletage serum will keep your most fragile skin fresh and supple.

Erase - Apply this oil directly onto pimples to help stop breakouts in their tracks. A little goes a long, long way with this gem with no fillers - just highly effective, active, natural ingredients to soothe and speed up the healing of inflamed spots. It starts with two deeply anti-inflammatory ingredients – organic, wild-harvested fennel seed and organic calendula leaves. We’ve combined this with native Australian lemon tea tree essential oil, which is highly anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. The formula is carefully finished with astringent and Vitamin C rich Lemon & Mountain Yuzu to reduce the severity of the breakout, prevent future flare-ups and encourage the skin's healing processes.

Soften -  Each batch of this remarkable oil takes over 6 weeks to create, it is packed full of natural ingredients to soften and nourish when applied directly onto fine lines, wrinkles or problem dry-spots. Sage & Calendula to help soothe dryness and deliver essential fatty-acids deep into the skin. Combines with Native Australian Quandong Fruit (rich in Vitamin C, jam-packed with alpha-amino acids) - a powerful antioxidant boost to protect the skin against sun, pollution and harmful toxins. This luxurious formula is finished with Wild Carrot seed oil – one of nature’s best oils to rejuvenate and regenerate skin tissues – dense in beta carotene, Vitamins A, E and pro-vitamin E.

The Eye Serum - This advanced concentrate restores brightness and plumps the skin in this delicate area. Apply in a few quick rolls, this serum works overnight to dramatically improve the skin's appearance under the eyes with the use of organic oils rich in essential plant-based lipids, free fatty acids and ceramides to nourish, soften and plump the dry, thin skin in this area. 

Enriched with Kakadu Plum, nature’s single richest source of Vitamin C. Most importantly – this is skin-stable Vitamin C – meaning, unlike in many synthetic Vitamin C serums, this vital antioxidant is absorbed directly into the skin without oxidization. This dramatically brightens the under-eye area.

Our Anti-Aging Boosters

It’s never too early or too late to give your skincare routine an anti-aging boost. These three bestsellers will fit easily into your routine, providing your skin with a boost of collagen, elasticity, brightness and smoothness.

Sunshine - This oil is part of our new Antioxidant Range and features a massive concentration of liquid COQ-10 (Fermented from natural, plant-based ingredients) - a dose of pure antioxidants. It comes this with a combination of skin soothing ingredients - Chamomile, Calendula and Arnica. These oils are anti-inflammatory and help the skin’s long term recovery. 

Bounce - Comprised of a powerful 1% bakuchiol concentrate and paired with a dose of Vitamic C, this all-natural Retinol alternative is the answer to younger looking, smoother skin.

This natural skin booster give you all the benefits of Retinol - without the irritating, drying side effects. Bounce will smooth fine lines & wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, boost collagen levels and is also great for clearing up acne.

L'Orange -  This is our highest strength serum - designed specifically to restore life, hydration and brightness to tired, stressed & aging skin. The formulas two main components - highly concentrated native Australian botanical extracts – Fingerlime Caviar & Quandong - are loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids, Vitamin E and phenolic acids. Both work in harmony to reveal fresh, youthful, radiant skin. 

Psst - We have been busy formulating something special for you, to complete our Ageless Routine and turn it into something simple and effective (just how we like it here at Goodieco!)

We can’t tell you much more, except that it will be a brand new cleansing oil! This fresh new formula will go together in an amazing 3-step Ageless Routine, to create a complete anti-aging Trio. This is a first at Goodieco, and has been one of our most requested additions!