Love your whole body with easy all-over skincare

Love your whole body with easy all-over skincare

The skin is the largest organ of the body. And when we say skincare, we’re not just talking about your face.⁠ You've gotta treat your whole body's surface with just as much love - top to toe hydration, nourishment and protection.

That's why, to complement your facial routine, we've created the Goodieco body care line - gorgeous oils & body bars designed for your bodies specific skin concerns, needs & goals.

So what's in your Goodieco bodycare routine?

Depending on what skincare issues or goals you have, we have curated two complete bodycare kits to turn your daily shower into a luxurious experience. In 3 easy steps, your entire body will be glowing with health and happiness for the rest of the day!

Our bodycare routines consist of:

  • A daily cleansing bar, designed to refresh and cleanse the skin with a mix of skin loving oils, natural butters and plant actives.
  • An exfoliating bar, designed to help increase cellular turn-over and buff away dead skin cells.
  • A luxurious body oil designed to nourish & hydrate the skin.

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Wait, body bar, is that soap?

In short, yes & no. Our body bars use a traditional saponification process to create a solid, skin-friendly cleanser or exfoliant - but they're nothing like the traditional soap you'll by on the supermarket shelves and they're a fantastic alternative to body washes and gels.

In traditional soap making you take a fat or oil base and convert it into a gentle, slightly alkaline cleanser using a process called saponification. When done the right way a by-product of the process is Glycerine - this is the magic, hydrating ingredient in most of your moisturisers and it means that traditional soaps can cleanse without dehydrating the skin. 

However, with mainstream soap, Glycerin is removed from the end product - it's more valuable as an additive to other skincare products. This means that most soap as you know it is highly drying. In fact, many skincare products were created as supplements to put back into the skin what had intentionally been taken out of soap - how's that for an upsell!

And let's not get started on Body Washes & Gels, often jam packed with surfactants, preservatives and toxic fragrances. 

When compared to these store-bought soaps, body washes and gels, our natural body bars are a total game changer. They contain FAR fewer ingredients. Shea butter, Cocoa oil, Plant based actives and Glycerine are the magic ingredients and we create the bars using an olive oil base - no animal fats and no palm oil. They’ll lock in moisture without stripping your skin of its natural oils and can help to soften the skin.

Plus they come without any packaging/ containers, meaning very little waste. Our body bars literally disappear when you’re done using them too so there’s no need to remember to recycle the packaging - They’re convenient, less mess and leave you feeling refreshed, moisturised and buffed.

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Next up, why using a body oil daily will be total game-changer for your skin.

Ok, so it's obviously no secret that we believe oils are the single best addition to your skincare routine. That's exactly the same for your body. In fact, body oils are universal and almost anyone can use them. Drier skin types who are prone to flaky skin, eczema or rosacea will immediately benefit from the nourishing benefits of topping up their skin's natural oils. And for people prone to oily skin, body oils can stabilise your skin's natural sebum levels - helping to regulate your natural oils. Body oils are also fantastic to help with scars, stretch marks and even target cellulite (via massage and stimulating circulation).

Ready to try your first bodycare routine?
Depending on what skincare issues or goals you have, we have curated two complete bodycare kits to turn your daily shower into a luxurious experience. In 3 easy steps, your entire body will be glowing with health and happiness for the rest of the day!

Target dry, hydrated skin with our - Soften Bodycare Kit
This kit contains 3 products that perfectly complement each other to treat dry, tired skin, buff away dead skin cells and give you softer, more nourished skin. These 3 ultra-luxurious steps combine botanical oils and skin-soothing ingredients to leave your skin healthy, soft and super hydrated.

Treat - Rosalina Softening Body Oil, Exfoliate - Seaweed and Aloe Exfoliating Bar and Cleanse - Activated Charcoal Cleansing Bar. 


Target uneven skin with our Smooth Bodycare Kit
These three products are specifically combined to help smooth the skin's surface - targeting key problem zones like cellulite, scars & stretch marks. Plus this routine is deeply detoxifying - helping to clarify oil skin and gently hydrating all over.

What’s included? Bare - White Cypress Body Oil, Scrub - Cedarwood Detoxifying Body Scrub and Balance: Red Clay Cleansing Bar.



With both of these sets, we recommend alternating the use of the two soap bars whilst showering and applying the body oil daily after your shower. Massage into damp skin for best results and complete coverage!
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