Love your whole body with easy all-over skincare

Love your whole body with easy all-over skincare

The skin is the largest organ of the body. So when we say skincare, we’re not just talking about your face.⁠

You gotta treat your whole bod with love.

This is why we have created our gorgeous body oils, body bars and body skincare kits, designed for specific skin concerns and goals.⁠

Before we dive in, we wanted to fill you in on the reasons we are loving solid soap bars in our body care kits.

Body bars are environmentally responsible

Keep cups and reusable straws paved the way for bar soaps.

Bar soaps are being packaged smarter and more efficiently than their plastic trapped friend body wash, with businesses finding brand new ways to package their products to reduce their carbon footprint. Paper wrappers are back as the packaging of choice for most bigger brands and some - *cough cough* that’s us - are even opting for ‘naked’ soaps offering no packaging at all!

Bar soaps literally disappear when you’re done using them too so there’s no need to remember to recycle the packaging - They’re convenient, less mess and leave you feeling refreshed, moisturised and buffed.

Body bars are full of goodness

For too long have we all put all our trust into heavily manufactured soaps - jam-packed with toxic ingredients like parabens and phthalates, which can disrupt your hormones and have been linked to various types of cancer - it’s time we switch to a healthier alternative.

When compared to store-bought body washes and gels, bar soaps contain FAR fewer ingredients; this means that companies are less likely to hide ‘nasty’ ingredients behind their better sounding scientific names (for example ‘fragrance’ is a bold term encapsulating ingredients that companies legally do not have to disclose) and they’re less likely to contain parabens, an ingredient that has been linked to breast cancer and fertility issues.

Shea butter, coco oil and glycerine are all ingredients you should look for when purchasing bar soaps; they’ll lock in moisture without stripping your skin of its natural oils and can help to soften the skin.

Body bars are more hygienic & less fuss

The benefits of bar soap are striking when compared to bar soap from ‘back in the day’ (AKA what you had to use when taking a shower at your grandparent’s house).

These days bar soaps are more hygienic than ever - studies show that harmful bacteria does NOT breed on the surfaces of bar soap and that bacterial contamination is highly unlikely.

Body washes and gels can wreak all sorts of havoc in your bathroom, not only can the packaging leech all sorts of harmful micro plastics and dyes into your plumbing, but the suds caused by these liquid soaps can actually clog your drains - and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t switch to bar soap sooner!

Our Complete Bodycare Kits

Depending on what skincare issues or goals you have, we have curated two complete bodycare kits to turn your daily shower into a luxurious experience. In 3 easy steps, your entire body will be glowing with health and happiness for the rest of the day!

Soften Bodycare Kit

This kit contains 3 products that perfectly complement each other to treat dry, tired skin and specifically target poor texture and stretch marks. 

Treat - Rosalina Softening Body Oil, Exfoliate - Seaweed and Aloe Exfoliating Bar and Cleanse - Activated Charcoal Cleansing Bar.

These 3 ultra-luxurious steps combine botanical oils and skin-soothing ingredients to leave your skin healthy, soft and super hydrated.


Smooth Bodycare Kit

These three products are specifically combined to help break down cellulite by increasing circulation, improving the appearance of stretch marks and deeply hydrating all over.

What’s included? Bare - White Cypress Body Oil, Scrub - Cedarwood Detoxifying Body Scrub and Balance: Red Clay Cleansing Bar.

With both of these sets, we recommend alternating the use of the two soap bars whilst showering and applying the body oil daily after your shower. Massage into damp skin for best results and complete coverage!

Body Oils

If you’re looking to just grab a body oil on its own to level up your body skincare, we have you covered there too.

BARE - Firming body oil⁠

This organic body oil features a unique combination of organic Sea Buckthorn Oil - a nutrient-rich oil that promotes skin elasticity, hydration and works actively to fade stretch marks,  & Native Australia White Cypress Oil - powerful for stimulating circulation, which helps with issues related to stagnant blood flow like cellulite, increased water retention and varicose veins.

- Targets stretch marks, ⁠

- Increases circulation ⁠

- Breaks down cellulite⁠

- Reduce water retention ⁠

- Minimize varicose veins⁠

- Nourishing & hydrating⁠

DELICATE - Ultra nourishing body oil⁠

Made from a combination of organic oat oil, plus chia, mandarin and Cedarwood oils - this is a luxurious, nourishing amber oil that offers excellent absorbency and protection whilst hydrating, soothing and deeply moisturizing for the skin.⁠

- Locks in moisture by forming a physical barrier to water loss⁠

- Improves and protects the skin’s natural biome and barrier⁠

- Rich in phospholipids to aid moisturization⁠

- Supports the skin’s elasticity and suppleness⁠

TREAT - Softening body oil⁠

⁠This body oil features the anti-inflammatory Rosalina  - this calming, native Australian essential oil is known to gently treat many common skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, dandruff and excess oil. It applies lightweight and locks in moisture, delivering essential fatty acids to tone and nourish.

- Improves the texture of your skin⁠

- Deeply moisturises⁠

- Reduces stretch-marks⁠

- Refreshes & detoxifies skin⁠

⁠You can shop all our delicious body oils inside their complete Bodycare Kits, or seperately here during our Top Up events.

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