The amazing anti-aging benefits of Sandalwood Oil

The amazing anti-aging benefits of Sandalwood Oil

You may have noticed a new addition to our hand-selected list of Australian native ingredients here at Goodieco: Australian Sandalwood (Santalum Spicatum).

Not to be confused with the more common Indian Sandalwood (Santalaum album) - this genus is native to Australia and is a desert species that grows in low rainfall areas without irrigation.

We use a plantation harvested supply of this ingredient to ensure sustainability and it's featured in our brand new Velvet Cleansing Oil. We use both the seed & heartwood oils which combine a powerful emolliant with unique anti-aging properties and Sandalwood's signature soothing fragrance.

Why are we so excited about this ingredient?


The Benefits of Sandalwood Seed Oil in Skincare

Sandal seed oil is a natural combination of Ximenynic acid and oleic acid. Oleic acid is an essential fatty acid that helps to nourish & enrich dry, dehydrated and aging skin with depleted sebum levels. But the magic comes from the high levels of rare Ximenynic acid. Sandalwood seed oil has been found to have a significant impact on the skin aging process as it increases microcirculation, reduces enlarged pores and distension and discolouration of the skin and firms the skin. Plus a host of other benefits including:

  • Natural anti-inflammatory

  • Antibacterial properties

  • Reducing fat deposition under skin (Adipose Tissue)

  • Non sensitizing

Sustainable Sandalwood

Western Australian Sandalwood is a highly valuable resource & one of the most expensive plants traded in Australia with high demand from the perfume & cosmetics industry internationally. Traditionally sandalwood trees have been harvested almost exclusively from the wild - which, when combined with the impact of climate change - have put significant pressure on wild sandalwood populations.

We choose to use exclusively plantation grown, organic Australia Sandalwood in our products. Using plantation grown Sandalwood will be an essential transition to take over-harvesting pressure off wild populations.


Ready to try it for yourself?

Sandalwood Oil is the hero ingredient in our brand new Cleansing Oil - Velvet. Designed for mature skin - this cleansing oil complements our best-selling Bounce & Dream Serum L'Orange products - offering a complete, Ageless skin experience.